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Your New Life After Divorce by Joy Fahey

Your New Life After Divorce by Joy Fahey


Coach Joy Fahey of New Beginnings explains in this short video and accompanying article, how coaching helps people deal with the changes brought through divorce and family breakup.

“When you realise that it is the end of your relationship it can tend to leave you feeling desperate and fearful. This is quite normal and having a coach helps you cope with these emotional feelings and supports you through the process of the breakup.

Coaching will help you re align yourself to the new circumstances and guide you to adapting to the changes that are to be made. Having someone you can freely express your feelings to gives you security and support in a none judgemental and unbiased environment.

It helps speed up the healing process and moves you forward to a better understanding enabling you to paint a new picture for the future. Having a coach assists you with different options you may have and guides you to finding positive solutions.

Coaching gives you a new sense of confidence, awareness and strength to move forward. It helps you to discover hidden talents and new possibilities to realise your own unique potential.”


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