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Working with couples through divorce: Psychotherapist Caron Barruw

Working with couples through divorce: Psychotherapist Caron Barruw


Psychotherapist Caron Barruw talks in this video interview with Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller, about how her practice has developed a speciality for working with couples who are navigating divorce, with an emphasis on them breaking up amicably.




A reputation for divorce


I started getting a reputation for being quite good at working with couples, and couples come to me for all different reasons and at all different phases of their marriage.  I was able to take crisis couples and help them through the journey of whether they wanted to stay together or not, and then if they wanted to split up I was able to help them come to a place where there was no anger, so they could separate and breakup their assets and set up homes for their children separately, or if there were no children they could part as friends and not see it as a mistake or like a scarring – but rather as an experience or a stepping stone in their lives.


So from being referred so many couples we developed a relationship in our practice that we are very good at working with couples going through divorce and separation.


Working with couples – a peaceful transition


My husband is my business partner and my practice partner and he has a Phd in behaviour, and what we decided to try was that he would take the male and I would take the female and then we would do joint couple’s sessions to help the couple to see each other in a different light, with a role model of a married couple who was helping them work through their marriage.


It’s just been extremely successful and we’ve been doing it for the last sixteen years now, and have come out with some fantastic results for people in rebuilding their lives whether they stay married or not.  Which really isn’t our indicator for success.  Our indicator is giving them the tools of whether or not they want to stay married and if they don’t then they separate without being angry – so that’s a very different transition than having a very angry breakup.


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