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Why London lawyers like to share Divorce in a Box with their clients


Divorce lawyers and mediators are beginning to share Divorce in a Box – for free – with prospective clients.



4 Good Reasons to share this resource:

1/ No competition: No divorce lawyers have vouchers inside the Box

2/ It’s a travel guide for Stay-out-of-Court divorce – how to break up right, save money and protect the kids

3/ It contains vouchers for £100s of 1-1 free advice from wellbeing and financial experts offering complimentary introductory sessions

4/ The resource pack provides free access to videos, podcasts and useful pdf downloads on debt, parenting, & wellbeing

5/ Provides a clear map of the wellbeing, financial and legal aspects of stay-out-of-court divorce and signposts you to who can help with each stage of that journey

This means that any of your clients/stakeholders, or their friends/family, who are going through divorce or family break up, will get complimentary access to the booklets, dvd resource pack and also vouchers for introductory sessions with a range of experts, which normally retails online from £45.  Coaching experts include Francine Kaye (often an expert on C5 and the radio) focusing on the Imago communication skills. Also Marina Pearson (in the Daily Mail recently) who runs workshops on stopping the Ex from pushing your buttons, and Breakfast TV Parenting Expert Sue Atkins. We have a debt solutions expert, financial planner and wellbeing experts all focused on supporting stay-out-of-court routes through divorce and break up.

There are no mediators or collaborative lawyers promoted via the vouchers in the Box – so no competition. In fact, there is no good reason NOT to help your clients increase their chances of a stay-out-of-court divorce by sharing a Divorce in a Box with them.



  • Contact and request to become one of our partners (no charge)
  • Offer the resource as a gift to any callers who are still investigating their options and not yet ready to commit to an initial meeting/call (including any offer of your own that you may wish to share with them); 
  • Email the text below and the link to those enquirers;
  • Follow up in a couple of weeks to ensure they have benefited from the gift and suggest they may wish to come in for a chat, or take up your own offer which you may have included in the resource email.

There is also value in sharing the Divorce in a Box resource with existing clients to reinforce the relationship, by adding extra (and unexpected) value.

The experts in the voucher pack are all either personal professional contacts or they have come very highly recommended.  You can see who they are here……

If you become one of our partners through sharing this resource, please also join our Closed Linked In Group ‘Divorce in a Box’ so you can network online with the US and the UK Box experts, and professionals who share the resource with their clients. 

Contact me at and I will send you the information to share easily by email with clients.


If you are from London and reading this page, and you are thinking about or going through divorce or family break up, tell your solicitor to talk to me and ask if I can let them share a complimentary Divorce in a Box with you.

Suzy Miller

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