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What Do You Do When Your Clients’ Lives Are Turned Upside Down?

What Do You Do When Your Clients’ Lives Are Turned Upside Down?

Ask Your Business Network To Host This Unique Short Talk Because 42% Of Their Married Clients Will Thank You:

Do you value your moral obligations to others MORE than your legal obligations?


When your clients or your employee’s lives are turned upside down by family breakup, there is no legal obligation to signpost them in ways that lead to more peaceful solutions.  But do you feel powerless to help them? Are you sure that any advice you may give is going to be GOOD advice, when they are caught in a nasty divorce battle, or depressed because they haven’t seen their children in months, or dreading monstrous legal costs – or in danger of losing their business?

The last thing you want to do to your valued clients is to give them the WRONG advice – advice like….  “Go and talk to a lawyer!” – when that might be the exact stage where they SHOULD NOT be talking to a lawyer!

But like them, you may be equally confused over when they do need a lawyer, a mediator, or financial expert?  How do they stay sane – and productive, throughout a process that can affect 42% of your married clients? 

I offer a 20-minute talk on “What The Lawyers Don’t Tell You” – a quick guide to Divorce First Aid.  In my role as the UK’s Divorce Strategist, you may have seen me on TV, providing expert commentary in The Telegraph or read the article I wrote for the Daily Mail –  I’ve even collaborated with Government departments in encouraging more peaceful ways for families to change form.

It’s not a legal necessity to signpost your clients towards a Better Way To Divorce – but I’d say it IS a moral one, because after just 20 minutes you can be certain not to give the wrong advice to vulnerable clients, nor to employees and friends.

A study of 13 European countries by the World Health Organization found that divorce was the ONLY factor linked with suicide in EVERY ONE of the 13 countries.  Divorced men, in particular, are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than married men – and that can be as a direct result of their divorce turning nasty – when maybe it just didn’t need to.  A Divorce strategy is key.

Divorce First Aid really can save lives.

Ask your business network to offer this unique training that will change the way they view a process that can adversely affect 42% of their married clients.   

So book me now for that 20-minute talk – no cost to the first 5 who book  (just travel expenses).  Contact


Divorce First Aid Training

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