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Coaching and mentoring can be invaluable when you are dealing with a life crises like divorce and family breakup. Coaching helps empower you, helps you focus on the future and plan how to turn your life around. It can be great investment when having to deal with financial or legal issues whilst in a state of anger, despair or shock.




Counselling is often most useful once life has settled down and you have the support system in place to feel safe enough to explore more deeply your motivations and actions, and providing you avoid falling into the trap of getting stuck in ‘victim mode’ – counselling can over time be a excellent tool for learning new communication techniques and ways of dealing with the people in your life who you find challenging.


Health & Lifestyle

All forms of wellbeing – whether holistic healing or lifestyle changes – are not an indulgence. They can be a powerful way to support any coaching or counselling you may be partaking in, and more effective than drugs and alcohol for keeping depression at bay (assuming you don’t have a clinical history of mental illness). Feeling good is everyone’s right, and there are many different experts who can help you create greater emotional and physical harmony in your life and that of your family.

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Apart from fighting over the money (or lack of it), what also drives many couples who initially set out to conduct a non-adversarial divorce into a long and bitter struggle, are disagreements over access to the children. What is key to remember, is that those children are half you, half your ex – so if you say anything negative about their mum or dad, you are also being negative about your kids. Parenting coaches can be invaluable at this time – for supporting the kids and of course you yourself. They can also sometimes provide a bridge between your kids and both their parents, as an angry Ex may pay more attention to advice from such an expert than they will to any of your demands!

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