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Welcome to the price page for Alternative Divorce Directory

To speak directly about any questions you may have, email me to book a call on 07525 059 634

Interested in helping guide more people away from adversarial divorce, with some help from the Alternative Divorce Directory marketing package?

Below are the charges for this unique, bespoke and effective service:


Good Reasons to promote your services through the Alternative Divorce Guide Website:


  • Direct promotion of your specific service via the Alternative Divorce website including sharing your key offering direct to all subscribers – and inclusion in the Fixed-Price Divorce Preparation Pack


  •  Exclusivity – the only provider of your service to be promoted via the directory in your chosen London postal district or whole postal district (eg. AL, EN, London WC, London N etc) AND your listing will be visible to all site users searching for experts UK-wide


 Vivienne Smith, the life you deserve, transformational coach, coaching brighton, coaching BN, divorce advice, online divorce help

“As well as getting new clients, to date I have found several contributors for my book and I have also won a corporate coaching contract. 

In my experience, the benefits of being one of the featured experts are far-reaching and long term and I can thoroughly recommend this way of collaborating.”
Vivienne Smith: The Single Mums’ Survival Guide



  •  Email marketing & list building: if you struggle to get site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, they may prefer to subscribe to the Alternative Divorce monthly online magazine providing wellbeing free downloads & information, and a link to the Alternative Divorce Guide Radio Show.   An optional email marketing service included in the subscription, which will capture potential clients who visit your website on a list, and then send them resource-laden monthly emails including a call for action suggesting they contact your firm for a no-obligation chat.


  • Much cheaper than Google Adwords: the return on investment from Google Adwords is very poor unless a high proportion of the traffic you get results in paying clients.  (Minimum budgets of £250pm are recommended for adword campaigns so outgoings are continuously high).


  • Promotion through a highly-regarded website (see growing partnership page which includes Family Strategic Partnership, MOJ, FNF) with consistently positive national PR (see Press and Media page which includes recent articles in Woman’s Weekly, The London Metro), and a strong google ranking;


AlanTitchmarshShow, Love Match Weekends, Alternative to adversarial divorce lawyers, online divorce advice, dating TN, dating after divorce TN,
“I really never imagined being one of your experts was going to be so exciting and look forward to more exciting things to come.  The way you bring people together is just wonderful and beneficial to us all.”  Genevieve Zawada: LoveMatch Weekends



  • The publishing of relevant articles on the Alternative Divorce Directory website and other divorce-related online media, and inclusion in key online resources including the Divorce Preparation Pack, and CoParenting in a Box online resource.


  • The promotion of those web articles via social media and other web outlets so that they receive a good readership;


Debbie Talalay, theta healer London, theta London WC, online divorce advice, how to divorce amicably, theta healer UK,

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the articles you’ve written about me.  They’ve been noticed and I have new clients as a result.  Thank you so much!”

Debbie  Talalay – Healer

  • Invitations to further Alternative Divorce Guide networking events


  • Inclusion on the CoParenting in a Box full online resource which is to be shared nationally via Perkbox, to thousands of employees throughout the country, as well as via national charities.


  • A guest expert on our forums



  • Creation of videos (or audio podcasts if you are camera-shy) as part of the online promotion package


Vivienne Smith, the life you deserve, transformational coach, coaching brighton, coaching BN, divorce advice, online divorce help

“Wow- the power of using video (and Facebook!) Almost immediately I received your email, I also received an email from a prospective client, at her wits end and needing some help. I offered her free taster session via phone today, as I was working from home today. We’ve now completed that and she has booked in to come to me next Tuesday! Not only does she want help in healing the past, she has also asked me about couples work with her current partner!  So thank you for your efforts – it’s obviously working….”  Vivienne Smith: The Single Mums’ Survival Guide

The price includes:

  • Your profile on the Alternative Divorce Directory with exclusivity for chosen areas
  • A similar profile – but more general – on the Living Together Agreement Directory
  • Sharing of articles (if desired) on social media and within many groups on LI
  • Introductions to other divorce-related professionals
  • If you have video interviews created, these can be added to the CoParenting in a Box resource which is accessible via an employee benefits company to 300,000 UK employees.


_95A1343 (1)logoUnaArcher
“I appreciate that Suzy provides a well balanced online and off-line support. I think she found the winning combination of online presence, networking opportunities and personal introductions.

This month alone:

  • I attended networking events and training organised by family consultants that otherwise I would have not known about or would not have access to.
  • Suzy introduced me to a range of ideal cross referral partners and I have begun to build healthy professional relationships with them much more quickly than if I was to simply connect with them via Linked In.
  • My online articles were getting circulated to my audience much more extensively than I could do alone.
  • Suzy introduced me via email directly to potential clients.
  • I got 1-1 practical marketing support
  • Suzy is very quick to respond to my emails!
  • I was featured in the Alternative Divorce Newsletter sent to over 2,000 professionals.

Running my own practice can feel lonely at times. Since I joined Alternative Divorce Directory I feel like I am part of the multidisciplinary team of practitioners working towards the same goal: supporting families at every stage of divorce. “

Child Psychotherapist and expert on the Alternative Divorce Directory



How does this compare with other marketing methods?

Being promoted on the Alternative Divorce website is more effective because it is:

  • Is exclusive for your service to a large geographic area searched by site users
  • Can be found by site visitors:
    • searching the directory
    • search engines bringing up your specific directory web page through relevant search terms
    • from your articles I link to from our newsletter which goes out to our database
  • RELEVANT LEADS – people see your listing who genuinely would benefit from your services
  • Networking opportunities with the other professionals online via Closed Linked In Group and physical networking opportunities
  • PR/media opportunities


Want to see how Alternative Divorce Directory ranks next to your own website?

Step One:  Go into ‘Private Browsing’ or ‘New Incognito Window’ so that you will get true search results not affected by your web cookies;

Step Two:  Type in the keywords Divorce Advice London WC – or London N etc – and see how often the Directory appears on the first page of google.  Also try Divorce Advice PO or BN or other areas currently covered by the Directory.

If your postal area is not coming up on the 1st page of Google – then that’s because you are not yet on the Directory for that area!


The cost


For the basic package including:

  • Exclusivity for your area on the Directory
  • Sharing your content for you via social media & support in creating online content
  • Invitations to networking events and personal introductions to potential cross-referrers
  • Opportunity for inclusion in CoParenting in a Box and other key online resources

Monthly cost per geographic area (eg. whole of London SW, GU etc)  – minimum of 1 year subscription by direct debit.


  • £42pm + vat Wills/trusts, Wellbeing professionals, Parenting/kids coaches, Business Start Up opportunities, Divorce PAs
  • £68 per month + vat  Divorce Consultants, Accountants, Coaches, Counsellors, online divorce providers, Family Consultants
  • £76 per month + vat  Arbitrators, Mortgages
  • £110 per month + vat Divorce Mediators, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors
  • £130 per month + vat Collaborative Lawyers


Plus an additional one-off  registration fee of £225 + vat 


Video Creation Package 


If you would like the video creation as well, that is a one-off fee of £1,700 + vat to produce, edit and post-produce a minimum of 4 short videos that cover your key services in a relaxed and engaging way – ideal for sharing on social media or adding to blogs/online articles and to a website. The relevant videos will also be added to CoParenting in a Box (the one made available to thousands of employees).


However, if you take up the video creation package when you register as an expert, you get a reduction – a discounted rate of only £1,195 + vat.  

The fee for the video production is made 50% in advance and the rest on completion, and can be paid by credit card if required.


What to do now:

If you would like to register for being on the directory, please email me at suzy@AlternativeDivorceGuide.com and let’s set up a meeting on Skype or in London.

NB: Spaces on the directory are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Best wishes

Suzy Miller

+44 (0)7525 059 634

Skype: suzy_miller