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US Divorce Pill – coming soon to the UK ?

“The single most powerful predictor of stress-related physical, as well as emotional illness is marital disruption.” ‘National Institute of Mental Health’ – reads one of the statistics backing up the video and testimonials for The Divorce Pill being cunningly marketed and targeted at people in the US going through divorce.

So how long before we begin to see the ads on NBC and Fox for this “cutting edge herbal technology, for which you can “buy one get one free”, being seen on UK TV?

Divorce alone costs North American business more than $6 billion each year in lost productivity, absenteeism and higher health insurance premiums and stress-related healthcare costs. (Corporate Wellness Magazine 4 Sept 2009).  So it could only be a matter of time before ‘divorce medication’ is being handed out as part of Employment Assistance Programmes.  In the UK, the governmentʼs Foresight Programme study on mental capital and wellbeing estimated that sickness absence, presenteeism, and labour turnover costs the country about £26bn a year – so how about the NHS making divorce pills available here on prescription?  Divorce Medication instead of Divorce Mediation to reduce the rate of ‘contentious divorce’ blocking up the courts?

Suzy Miller – creator of the UK’s Starting Over from Divorce Road Show currently running in Guildford, Surrey, is alarmed by the prospect.  Starting Over Show – SOS for short – is collaborating with the Ministry of Justice in promoting non-adversarial routes through divorce through the use of mediation and collaborative law:

“I get local GP surgeries in Surrey to share Starting Over Show flyers by saying to them: “don’t prescribe patients going through divorce pills and prozac – tell them to come along to a Starting Over Show!” Luckily, they agree, which is why they are happy to share the flyers.  When people ‘suppress’ their pain they are unable to deal with the causes of it.  Getting through a life crises involves ‘doing the pain’ – there are no short cuts or antidotes, but methods to learn and people to support you. This divorce pill is another scary step in the wrong direction.”

“The divorced or widowed are 20% more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other chronic conditions”  (Dr Mark Hayward PHD, University of Texas) – reads a further statistic on the online ad for the pills.  A 2007 study at University College London revealed that stress associated with marital struggle was found to increase the likelihood of a heart attack and other heart trouble by as much as 34%.  In a recent CIPD report 38% of businesses reported a rise in mental problems such as anxiety and depression in staff over a 12 month period – an increase of 17%.  The current levels of redundancy and unfair dismissals will also impact on relationships and therefore on divorce and family break-up.

With statistics like these, the prospect of GP’s handing out divorce medication could be closer than we think.

Free legal, financial and wellbeing advice at The Holiday Inn, 22 September 2011.  A holistic approach to divorce, redundancy & other major life changes.

Suzy Miller
07525 059 634
Expert comments from ‘divorce professionals’ available on request.

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  1. Divorce can be extremely hard on people, but medication should only be diagnosed when an individual is diagnosed with depression.

    Whilst it is entirely true that divorce is more than capable of making a person depressed, it does not necessarily mean that they are suffering from depression. In other words, you’re right. If an individual is down because of their divorce, then speaking to someone or attending one of your classes would certainly be one of the best thing they could do.

    These ‘divorce pills’ appear to be little more than re-branded herbal medication to assist with depression, though and, in my opinion, are little more than a cynical act of marketing.

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