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Two new SOS live events & how colour can change the way you feel

Information for divorce and breakup

Inspiration for Starting Over

Our first SOS Event (see the video here) was full of courageous people starting their lives over, and now we are to put on two more events in March 2010, including the first ever London fair of it’s kind.

We also offer free advice and wellbeing support RIGHT NOW for a couple facing breakup and divorce……


Did you know how strong the effect of colour is on how you feel – and  how you make others feel too?

Bernay Laity

Colour psychologist and image consultant

Colour psychologist Bernay Laity tells us how she was inspired to become an expert in her field and how she uses her talent to help others.

“Growing up with a Dad who was a gardener and keen outdoors enthusiast gave me a great appreciation of the natural world and I became fascinated with the changes in shapes, colours and textures of nature as each season passed from one to the next. But my work as interior designer really cemented my passion for colour as I began to notice that it could have a profound effect on a person’s wellbeing. I became curious about why clients picked the colours that they did and noticed that they seemed also to pick colours that reflected their personality.’

Click here to read more about Bernay Laity and listen to her podcast interview….

Talk to our other inspirational exhibitors now….

Inspirational short film:

Talking about the Ex!


Do husbands and wives undervalue the financial value of the houseparent?  Would you pay £30,000 for a parent to stay home and bring up the children?

That’s the estimated value of the stay at home mum should you have to replace her.  With the Conservative Party openly committing to making Pre-Nups more binding, will women themselves value their worth as stay at home mums?

Read the full article here…….

To get good information to help you start over, talk to our legal and financial exhibitors now.

shared stories

Life really can begin at 40!  We are sharing a great true story (with the writer’s permission) from social network site

“The day I returned home from this lovely weekend with my friends my husband was leaving the house and I returned to a half empty home as he had taken what he wanted while I was away…. ”

Read the full story here…..

See other personal stories here:


sos live event news

Dates for the next shows and tickets (£3 each) are available now online from our home page

It is likely that you will know someone thinking about or going through divorce or break up – wouldn’t it be great if you could offer them the opportunity of free legal, financial and wellbeing surgeries and taster sessions to help them choose a non-combative and positive way forward?

Well you can – send them this link to the ‘Be The Best Ex” initiative……

Click here to download information pack: sos-divorce-relationship-makeover1

diary of a sole parent

How do we begin to change the negative attitudes about divorce and the way we think about our Ex?

When I stuck my new Iphone in the faces of three of my friends and video’d them, I asked them a question they had never been asked before.

“Say something nice about your Ex” I demanded. The result was not only a two minute short film, but as they wrestled with the subject matter this was a learning experience for me too…..

Continue reading the article here…..

free mini book downloads

Access to resources and information…….

Resource links

Other great resources for starting over

To find professionals who are all personally recommended visit CertainShops – professionals online

online social network for women ‘starting over’ Confident Ladies


Dateline Platinum – national dating agency


Free advice and wellbeing support RIGHT NOW for a couple facing breakup and divorce……

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