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The world's first Divorce in a Box

The UK’s first ‘divorce fair’ – Starting Over Show – has now packaged up the best of what it offers in promoting non-adversarial routes through divorce – and put it into a box.  A real box – supplied in different colours, some with ribbons.

“Why shouldn’t good information combined with powerful inspiration be packaged in an attractive way?  I want people going through the confusion of family break up to be able to have easy access to key guidance and expert advice in a way that is more tangible than just flailing around on google,”  explains the creator of SOS Divorce in a Box, Suzy Miller.

“I have taken the best resources from the Starting Over Shows and presented them in a different way.  The SOS Boxes promote mediation and collaborative law, which keep people out of court, help protect the kids and save people money and stress.  I am collaborating with the Ministry of Justice in promoting non-adversarial routes through divorce, and the experts partnering with me range from life coaches to financial planners.”

The box contains a media pack with videos, audio recordings and pdfs providing a wide range of resource material, including videos about divorce mediation and even audio ‘meditations’ for relaxation, positive affirmations, and forgiveness.

“It’s amazing how often people confuse divorce ‘mediation’ with ‘meditation’!” Suzy explains.  “But I include meditations in the box because they are a powerful way to support people psychologically through a difficult life change.  I believe in taking a holistic approach to life crises like divorce and break up, and empowering rather than ‘rescuing’ people, who need a map of how to navigate their way through.”

The boxes come in different colours, as Suzy wants both men and women to benefit from the booklets and also vouchers – over £500 worth of complementary expert services available ‘in the box’.

“Anyone buying a physical box or getting an online version, will be able to access free sessions with top experts like Francine Kaye (Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff  ‘Divorce Doctor’), top UK Parenting Coach Sue Atkins, as well as financial and wellbeing support, and get a 20% discount on a managed divorce through Divorce Online.”

The Starting Over Shows have been well received because of the holistic and wellbeing focus of the events, supported by Reverend’s from the Church of England right through to support organisations like the CAB.  Flyers for recent Guildford events were available via doctor’s surgeries, JobCentrePlus and family courts.

But even though the live events are very relaxed and friendly, Suzy felt that some people were still too overwhelmed by their divorce to be able to get along and attend, so she wanted to create something they could access in private, in their own time.

“I wanted the boxes to not only be incredibly useful – to provide information that guides people through a better way of doing divorce – but also to offer immense value for money by including fantastic 1-1 expert advice with top professionals in their field.”

Suzy is selling the boxes online: £36 for the online version, and £40 for the physical version including vat and UK postage.  For more information visit




Suzy Miller

07525 059 634
Expert comments from ‘divorce professionals’ available on request.

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  1. I just heard Suzy Miler talking on Mark Carter’s afternoon show on BBC Sussex. Her approach is so spot on,Just what I would have benefitted from I’m sure.
    And all power to her for this year sharing Christmas with her ex their children and his new wife!.Nine years on, this is where my ex husband and I are heading, despite both of us having remarried.It was not an amicable divorce….but we have worked hard to build a new relationship since, for the sake of our sons and our memories of a long marriage which had many happy times.

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