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The true cost of divorce

The true cost of divorce


No-one knows better the true cost of divorce than those who have experienced an adversarial court-focused litigation process.  Sometimes those people are the very professionals who work hard to support divorcing clients to stay away from the court and find a better solution.


In this podcast interview with a Financial Advisor who has been through an acrimonious divorce, he describes the true cost of his own divorce and believes that if he had been able to use mediation then the story would have been very different.


If your Ex partner is not keen to mediate, then just show them this article.


In the emotional turmoil of divorce, even the most educated and normally intelligent people can find themselves embroiled in a bitter wrangle where the money spent on lawyers and the court process exceeds all expectations.  It’s not just wealthy people who can lose a great deal of money during divorce.  And then there are the emotional costs as well.


It is so sad when one spouse refuses to participate in the mediation process, sometimes out of a misguided sense of vengeance.  So much of their hard won divorce settlement will shrink rapidly once they have paid the costs involved.
If only they did the sums in advance, they would see the true picture, and perhaps make a different choice.   This is my interviewee’s hope – and the reason he has kindly participated in this short interview that says it like it is:

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