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The right kind of lawyers

The right kind of lawyers


A taste of what choices are available to you when dealing with a ‘co-parent’

I find the easiest way to get a good over view of the options open to me, is to watch a short video.

So here are some of the experts you will find in CoParenting in a Box talking about ways to deal with divorce, and also post-divorce conflicts over money and child access, and how to break up intelligently when you live with someone and are not legally married.

Yep, staying ‘out of court’ is always the first choice for all of these situations, and you can find out why here…..

If you want to know who is the right person to talk to, at the right time, then our Divorce Organiser will help you to navigate to a better place without wasting money on services you don’t need. We help you make the right decisions, save money, and protect your family.

When is it best to use a mediator or a collaborative lawyer, for example? Your money is better spent on university fees for your kids than on adversarial lawyers fees.


How do I avoid adversarial lawyers?

Taking responsibility for the journey you are on, being clear on what outcomes you want, and not letting your emotional state be used against your interests, are the key steps to take. It is very easy for anger and emotional pain to make someone an easy target for an adversarial lawyer, promising financial success that disappears in a flurry of lawyers bills, and where even the revenge of winning a court battle turns quickly sour when the true costs – increased bitterness on both sides, damage to the children – poison a future that could have been much healthier, and less expensive. Divorce mediation and collaborative law offer non-adversarial routes through divorce…..


Find out more by clicking here…


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