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The Importance of Coaching when Speaking to Your Lawyer: Joy Fahey

The Importance of Coaching when Speaking to Your Lawyer: Joy Fahey

Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller interviews Joy Fahey of New Beginnings Coaching, about the role that coaching can play when you are dealing with divorce lawyers.


The Importance of Coaching when Speaking to Your Lawyer


“When you first visit your lawyer it’s beneficial to have a clear decision of what you want to do, and coaching can help you to achieve this. It can also help you be less emotional when looking at the facts and figures and what needs to be done.

This allows the Lawyer do their job much more efficiently.  It will save you time and money if you are emotionally feeling more balanced, and being composed eases the whole process for everyone, making the experience less psychologically fraught.

It’s important for you to let the Lawyer do their job; they are there to advise you as to the division of finances etc – but not there to counsel you!  Too often family law solicitors complain that clients seem to expect them to be able to support them emotionally – but they don’t have the training to be able to provide that kind of help.

From coaching you receive support and help to make the transition to your new circumstances with less stress and anxiety. Coaching also helps to keep you focused on the things at hand.  It helps you deal with conversations with your children and how to explain to them what is happening, and it helps you to plan the way ahead in the most positive and constructive way.

The coaching process guides you to set new goals and design your new future – putting you back in control of your life.

Most of all, coaching gives you someone experienced to talk to who can assist you in keeping things in perspective and who can help you to move forward with new insight and hope for the future, and much less cost than lawyer’s fees!”


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