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Tantrum with God

I’m having a tantrum with God today

Because I don’t want him to take my friend away

He’s pissing me off by letting her be ill

And no-one can visit her until

The Chemo


Have made her better

And those who know her are sending her letters

Those of us who are so blessed for ever having met her


The unlimitless Love

That we all feel for her – but is that enough?

Why God are you making this so tough?

For me as I stomp and stamp my feet and shake my head

And shout “NO! I hate you God did you hear what I said?

Don’t take my friend away you better make her well!”

I’m shouting and screaming and giving God hell


I’m making such a scene while the eggs are frying

I start to laugh at the same time as I’m crying

Yes I know that we are more than body and mind!

I see that nothing can separate what spirit binds

I know that my resistance is what’s causing me pain

That doesn’t stop me demanding that I get my own way

This is a noisy, angry, way to pray.


I know that she may soon be well again and come round for tea

That her indomitable spirit will heal her, you’ll see!


I’m stomping my feet because I don’t want her to be free

I want her to stay in her body just like me


Like an angry child I rant and rave

I want an angel to come and save

My angel friend who can no longer come out to play

I’m having a tantrum with God today

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