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Be Aware: 12 Key Questions to ask about your Will when divorcing

  When you go through a divorce or separation there is much to think about – but there are 12 important questions to ask yourself right at the beginning of the divorce process, if you are to fully protect your family’s interests:     Your estate could go to your ex partner – you can stop this. Your share of the house could go to your ex partner – this can be protected Your children’s next of kin, after you, is potentially their other parent – is...

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Where are the private detectives?

NB: The following article is the sad but true situation underlying the lack of effective divorce law reform that has inspired SOS launching a Divorce Relationship Makeover initiative With the vast majority of divorces being filed by women, and the most common reason being extra marital affairs, it’s not surprising that the process can easily become litigious, angry, and misery inducing. With ‘blame’ being integral to the process in order to divorce within 2 years thanks to...

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