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Where are the private detectives?

NB: The following article is the sad but true situation underlying the lack of effective divorce law reform that has inspired SOS launching a Divorce Relationship Makeover initiative With the vast majority of divorces being filed by women, and the most common reason being extra marital affairs, it’s not surprising that the process can easily become litigious, angry, and misery inducing. With ‘blame’ being integral to the process in order to divorce within 2 years thanks to...

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Vision for SOS 2010

Click here to listen to a series of podcasts about the vision behind the Starting Over Show and what Suzy hopes to achieve with the 2010 events in London and Brighton. Interview by @Sobk13

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Award winning storytellers help divorcees

Storytelling is a healing art and stories can be heard all around the UK during this National Storytelling Week, which was conceived in the year 2000 AD to increase public awareness of the art, practice and value of oral storytelling. National Storytelling Week It is held during the first week of February every year, and at least one of those storytellers, Madeleine Grove of East Sussex, is going to be also performing at a unique and unusual event in Brighton on 15 March 2009 – the first UK...

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Why one person wants to be at the Starting Over Show this March….

Hi Suzy, I was in Brighton staying at the Ship on Friday night with some girlfriends for a birthday and I picked up the Sos leaflet about the show on the 15th MARCH. I have been seperated from my husband for 5 years now after he started an affair and left after a year of indecision as to what to do about it. I have always wanted him to come back – feeling as if he has left a void for me and my 2 children (15 and 11, then 9 and 6). I feel true love for him despite all the hurt he has...

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Divorce statistics

Wokingham with 38.6 per cent has the highest proportion of women lone parents in full-time work. (Census 2001) • Almost half of all marriages in England and Wales will end in divorce. • At least one child under 16 is affected in 53% of all cases, with nearly two-thirds of them being under 11. • Since 1997 average age of divorce has risen from 40.2 to 43.7 years for men and from 37.7 to 41.2 years for women, partly due to the rise in age at marriage. • The highest rate of divorce is among men...

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Survey and a friend in need

7 questions: Serious issues with room for some humour too.  A quick and balanced survey I hope. Help a friend in need this Xmas: tell them about the SOS Village ‘Healthy chocolate’ to be won, and free tickets for SOS to all participants (to give to a friend in need?) Click Here to take survey I want to use the SOS event in the spring as a platform to create some positive change, and you completing the survey will really help that to happen. It’s really short and focuses on...

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Can you see the story in our short film?

The 7 stages of relationship breakdown recovery – a short film See more of Tankus the Henge, whose excellent song Smiling Makes the Day go Quicker, is the soundtrack to this short film. Tankus the Henge met 2 years ago whilst working at fairgrounds and theme parks on the outskirts of London. They are steam driven. Jaz Delorean is the singer. He is also responsible for piano, accordion, trombone and top hat. Chris Owen plays guitar and sleeps in the van next to the carousel. Dan Mason...

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