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Compulsory marriage vouchers

If the State want to cut down the divorce rate, let them provide ‘marriage vouchers’ that must be cashed in before a couple can be legally married. I think the Government should give ‘marriage vouchers’ to all married couples prior to their wedding, the same as they give vouchers for national health glasses and early years’ schooling. These vouchers should contribute to the cost of: 1/ A relationship coaching session – ideally one that teaches communication...

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Free divorce & relationship advice

Free downloadable short e-books with valuable advice and shared experiences on the subject of divorce and relationship break down.   7 stages of relationship breakdown recovery   sos-7-stages-of-relationship-breakdown-recovery   7 ways to break up without breaking down   sos-7-ways-to-leave-your-lover-breaking-up-without-breaking-down   7 things NOT to do when getting divorced or breaking up  ...

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