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Survivor Coach: Annie Winfield

Annie Winfield: Survivor Coach

Following a life changing event, sometimes we need help sorting our thoughts or direction.  I will enable you to identify what you really want personally or professionally and then support and guide you while you achieve your goals.  I will keep you focused and on track, and help you overcome any challenges or obstacles in your way.



“I hired Annie for a number of different areas in my life, predominantly around my coaching business.
I have to say her approach and attentiveness to what I wanted was very apparent and she was able to challenge my thinking that I thought at the time knew what lay ahead.  Her questions opened up my perception of what kind of future I wanted which enabled me to start looking at other ways of building up the business I desired.
Good news is that I have set up my limited company and have a fully functional website and I am active with social media developing a larger following by the day.  Her coaching has spurred me on to move into other areas so I can offer more services to my customers.
Using Annie was definitely an essential move and what I have created would have taken so more time with a whole lot more stress.  Very pleased. “ SA

“The process of determining an achievable goal within a given timescale has greatly helped to breakdown what seemed like mountains to manageable molehills.  I was surprised at the great sense of achievement I felt by identifying and attaining goals within a short timescale.  Some practical, some personal.
It was also very beneficial to be “challenged” and pushed beyond my comfort zone to identify and tackle my own personal needs, work on them and be accountable for my progress.  And, of course, to have someone “on my side” ready with congratulations on those successes and help to determine why a goal may not have been as successfully achieved as intended.” HT


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