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Should I Hire A Hit Man For My Ex?

Should I Hire A Hit Man For My Ex?

One of the questions a divorcing person might sometimes ask is:

“Should I hire a hit man for my Ex?”

Well, there’s two ways to read that question.

One is – give your ex a present of a hit man because perhaps you know someone they don’t like very much (hopefully not you!?)

The second is, getting divorced can be very stressful and I know for a fact that some perfectly nice people have had that thought pass through their mind at least once when things were getting really tricky.

But apart from the high cost of hiring a hit man, and trying to find a good one (I mean how to choose?) and the high risk of a lifetime of imprisonment, the biggest issue is that eliminating the ‘other parent’ is not great for the kids.


pistol-divorce advice should I hire a hit man for my ex


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