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How do I save money when divorcing?

How do I save money when divorcing?

To keep down the cost of divorce, simply avoid going to court.  Talk to each other – via a mediator if necessary – and take control of your own divorce.  The cost of legal fees, family court fees and having to leave work to attend court and many other associated costs will make a combative divorce just plain silly.  Why not keep the money for the kids?

People make the mistake of thinking they can do a DIY divorce even when they are unable to sit down with their Ex and have a civil conversation.  But equally, they think that the alternative is lawyers battling it out in court.  Both assumptions are plain wrong.

At whatever stage you are during your divorce, you have the opportunity to access more peaceful methods and strategies, that will empower you to complete your divorce without things getting out of hand – either financially or emotionally.  Dispute Resolution – divorce mediation, collaborative practice and family arbitration – all keep you away from a financially out-of-control divorce.

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