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Promoting Divorce in a Box

For those of you who would like more people to stay out of court and use non-adversarial routes through divorce, feel free to copy the attached html code onto your webpages or blogs to promote the SOS Divorce in a Box.  And if you think your resources should be made available via our online resource pack, then let me know via

Scroll down for Facebook Page widget and short film about the box, plus key promotional/blog info:

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Travel Guide for Divorce

Helping people to ‘break up right – please don’t fight’ and to allow their families to take on new forms in ways that keep them out of court and save them money, requires a collaborative and co-operative approach.  Which is why more people need to give mediation and collaborative law serious attention when facing divorce.

Travel Guide for Divorce in an attractive box which includes over £500 of complementary access to skilled professional advice: legal, financial and wellbeing maps to guide you through the journey, and show you a range of choices most people don’t realise are available to them.


Divorcing “outside of the box”.  Ribbon is optional.  Available for £40 including vat and UK postage at


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Sam shares her experience of a potential divorce and family break up and how she is using SOS Divorce in a Box to provide information and inspiration.

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