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Press Pack: Alternative Divorce

Journalists please contact Suzy Miller for more information:

+44 (0)7525 059 634



200 Free Divorce in a Box’s shared in London from mid-July 2012:

See whose in the Boxes: click here


What’s inside UK Divorce in a Box? Click here to find out…..

Hi Res Images Divorce in a Box: available on request

Suzy’s story

Media Coverage


Background information:

Suzy Miller also created the 1st UK Divorce Fairs (Starting Over Shows) – Summary of Press & Media coverage for Starting Over Shows: SOS media and press summary


7 stages of relationship breakdown recovery

Statistics and trends

FAQs for Starting Over Shows

press coverage


photographs and podcast interviews from the show are available on request

Journalists are welcome to reproduce any of the articles or text on the SOS site in return for a quote or attribution. We can also put you in touch with any of our exhibitors if you need quotes from them.

To find out more about SOS Divorce in a Box, or the Starting Over Road Show, visit the website or contact 07525 059 634

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