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Overcoming Rejection Post Divorce

Overcoming Rejection Post Divorce

Leading London-based Theta healer Debbie Talalay of Deborah Talalay Healing, empowers her clients who have been held back by a fear of rejection, through her affordable videos and energy-based healing.  For those who have been through a divorce or separation, that sense of rejection can be very difficult to shift without the use of Debbie’s healing techniques.

“Fear of rejection – this plagues most of us at some time or other in our lives, and yet there is such a simple way to get rid of that feeling forever.

The fear of rejection affects so many people and often for no good reason – something that happened in their past but which they still carry with them in their subconscious.

How do you know if you are suffering from a fear of rejection?

  • Are you sometimes afraid to ask for what you need because you hate to be refused – to feel rejected?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to stand up for yourself?
  • In the world of work or dating or even within your relationships, do you hang back on the sidelines and hope you will be noticed – never putting yourself forward into the limelight?

I have helped many people remove this deep sense of rejection, and the fear that it will be repeated in the future.

One man who had been sexually abused as a child grew up feeling rejected as a human being and this manifested physically in that he was impotent as an adult.  By clearing that fear of rejection, his core issues were healed and his virility returned – as well as his self-confidence!

A woman who felt so rejected by the love of her life leaving for another woman, whilst she remained alone with the children, came to me for help.  She was released from that sense of deep rejection and able to be confident enough to be open to new relationships.

Students and young people who are suffering from bulimia or are anorexic – controlling their environment and trying to make their bodies ‘perfect’ so they can fit in – are often plagued with a sense of deep fear of rejection.  When that fear is lifted, their eating disorder can disappear.

I young man I worked with who was badly rejected as a child, was unable to form healthy relationships with his adopted family.  He continued to feel unwanted – not realising that he was the one blocking the families desire to support him.  Having cleared his fear of rejection, he is now able to form a better relationship with his adopted family members and feels less bitter and much happier.

If you have a sense of rejection you can eliminate that using the videos I have created.

  • You can feel more capable and open to good things coming into your life.
  • It’s inexpensive, easy, fast – and very effective.
  • I use classic universally accepted energy healing technology including kinesiology and NLP, and Theta healing techniques.

I want you to have the benefits of visiting me in my private clinic and save at least £180 per session by healing yourself, using the videos I’ve created for you, instead of visiting me at my clinic.

If you’ve been rejected by work, life’s circumstances, a partner – the remnants of that rejection can remain as an ongoing block to you feeling truly happy and successful.  Be happier and open to good fortune by shifting that deep sense of rejection forever.”

“You put your finger – literally! – on the core of my pain and I cried all evening.   Today, I am feeling almost back to normal, i.e. inspired by life.” – Ms J.W.


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“I am sooo impressed!  I assume the Theta Healing has started to unblock my procrastination, because the seminar brochures are now completed, printed and bound.” – Sheelagh


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