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No. 3: Feeling hope for the future


Deciding on whether a life coach would be more useful to you than a counsellor, or accessing support groups – all impact on how you deal with the psychological journey of divorce and family breakup.  When a person is angry, afraid or in shock, the way they use tools like divorce mediation, or their ability to work with a financial planner to map out their financial future, can be sabotaged by what are completely understandable emotions.


How can my emotional state cause me to make this divorce worst than it needs to be?


Sometimes, professionals whose focus is not on the long-term happiness of the family as a whole, can drive behavior which is adversarial, expensive and destructive to the wellbeing of the children, exploiting the anger or fear of their client.  This is why it is extremely important to understand and accept your current emotional state, and know how to use it to your advantage – rather than opening the doors to others who can exploit your emotional state in ways that will ultimately cause harm.


Understanding the psychological processes


In our booklet “Every Journey Needs a Good Map” – available in our Alternative Divorce Guide Box (ribbon is optional) – I take you through the psychological and emotional stages of Divorce and family breakup.  Understanding how these natural states can be dealt with so that they do not lead to an acrimonious divorce – or even depression – is an important part of empowering yourself to take what can be a horrible life experience, and transforming it into a catalyst for amazing and positive change.



Descriptions of the roles of key professionals and experts can be seen in the Alternative Divorce Guide package that includes booklets, a resource DVD and vouchers for free initial conversations with top experts in their fields.  The Alternative Divorce Organiser is also included and this provides answers to many common questions, and introductions to the relevant experts on our Alternative Divorce Directory.


In the meantime, look out for the next email in this series which will explain the Number 3 Top Must-Do in keeping your divorce away from adversarial lawyers…….











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