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How To Overcome The Heartache of Divorce in 7 easy steps

Divorce and separation can be a hard thing to do. Especially if you were not the one to initiate it. I have had my fair share of break ups and been through a painful divorce and know how challenging these times can be. You feel that there is no way out and somehow you wish that things could be different.

What has got me through these times is my change of perception of the situation. The minute we see the situation differently – in other words we can see how it benefits us the anger and resentment dissolves.

Working with my clients I see this every time. I see that they come with anger or hurt but by the end they are able to see the blessing and the gifts of the situation and how the person they once saw as their enemy they now see as their friend and supporter.

The truth is we usually don’t see how situations that we label bad can help us in that moment or even in the long run. How many times have you confronted a situation that in the moment it was happening you thought it was the worst thing that you could go through? Maybe years later you now realize that without that experience it would not make you the person you are today?

Well the same is true of what you may experiencing, right now. To assist you with this I have put together a 39 page ebook entitled “7 Secrets To Overcome Heartbreak”

They are easy steps to follow and the same ones that I have used myself to overcome the heartbreak that I have recently gone through. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice and it is for this reason that I felt it was important to allow you to choose. To choose to let go and create the life and relationships you truly desire.


“Attending your workshop really assisted in me accepting my man as he is, the relationship for what it is and was able to express gratitude to him for being in my life. The result is a much more connected bond between us. So thank you for sharing your tools and knowledge.” Dipal


Click here if you wish to download  “7 Secrets To Overcome Heartbreak”

I took on board each secret and now know that I don’t have to wait years to overcome the grief. You can overcome it in weeks.



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