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Making a Mediation Agreement legally binding

Making a Mediation Agreement legally binding

Something that clients often ask me, is that if you are the parent who isn’t getting contact with the children, then what’s the point of using mediation, since whatever agreement you reach, it is not immediately legally binding?

“We can negotiate using mediation, but the other parent can just ignore what was agreed. How do I make sure that this doesn’t happen?”

Something that I frequently advise, is that when you use mediation, you can create a parenting plan which can then be turned into a court order. That doesn’t mean that you need to go to court. What it means is, that a solicitor will draft a court order for you, and send it to the court for a judge to approve, without you having to attend a court hearing.

This ultimately helps both parents, as you both know where you stand, and you know that you have something that you can use to enforce the arrangements if the other person is not keeping to what you’ve both previously agreed to in mediation.

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