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Loving yourself and believing in love again – after divorce

Loving yourself and believing in love again – after divorce


We are all made of flesh and bones and we all suffer and experience emotions through life. At particular challenging times in our lives, we might need some extra help to be able to reach a new state of balance and happiness.

Stress, worry and limiting beliefs may interfere with our enjoyment of life. In particular, life after a divorce can be difficult and may trigger emotions like insecurity and distrust.


You may wonder “How can I find love again?” Or “How can I trust men/women again after what I have been through?”


Building your confidence, self-esteem and trust can be a long process. It makes sense to ask for professional help to heal and manage the transition to a new relationship.


You may carry beliefs that no longer serve you or some fears that you need to address, from the fear of being alone to the fear of depending emotionally and materially on a partner.


You may also experience that you develop certain patterns of behaviour like low expectations (“She will leave me for another man anyway so what’s the point in putting in the effort?”) or looking for emotionally unavailable partners to avoid commitment.



How Sophrology can help in building a healthy relationship



Do we ever grow up and become independent adults or do we replay scenarios from our childhood because they feel familiar and we don’t know any other way?


A painful past, for example a childhood marred by a dysfunctional family or by parents splitting up, may cause us to think that relationships are not meant to be happy.


“Some people may compensate a lack of affection in childhood by focusing too much

on their partner or on their job”


The key to a happy, healthy and balanced life is to build and be able to use our inner resources, and learn new ways to function and become well-adjusted adults.


Clients who have gone through a divorce and have experienced  Sophrology reported feeling less attached to their former relationship.


Do you:


– rely on a partner/relationship to always provide for you, both materially and emotionally?

– often feel misunderstood and cannot communicate your feelings?

– always wait by the phone putting your own life on hold if your partner/key relationship doesn’t call?

– keep busy at work to avoid confronting your emotional and relationship issues?


Sophrology can help you explore your own consciousness and unlock your inner potential, supporting you through key moments in your life, no matter how challenging. The main tools used in Sophrology are breathing, dynamic relaxation, creative visualisation, body awareness and simple movement. The client learns to reach a state where the body is fully relaxed and the mind alert which allows us to work on, and develop ways, to overcome deeper issues.


Clients who have gone through a divorce and have experienced  Sophrology reported feeling less attached to their former relationship and partner and feel ready to move on with less expectations. They were also able to communicate their feelings better and having their needs met without fear and more confidence.


Through Sophrology clients have become better equipped at monitoring their own feelings and behaviours, while learning how to anticipate a potential crisis or difficult situation without panicking. The general feedback is that Sophrology allows for more awareness and confidence, prevents the build up of stress and tension, and enables you to express yourself as an individual.


Sophrology allows for more awareness and confidence

With Sophrology you are given the tools to make important decisions about your life without the interference of stress, tension and self-doubt. Sophrology teaches you how to relax and discover within that stillness a positive and deepened connection to your mind, body and emotions. At each session, your Sophrology practitioner will tailor a simple daily practice for you to take home, according to a treatment plan to suit you. Practising for just ten minute a day will allow you to build your path of self-discovery as well as allowing you to feel more empowered.


Is this just what you need?   Now is the time to be happy and fulfilled in all your relationships. Talk to Dominique in confidence about how Sophrology can help you to rebuild your confidence and a new attitude to love, work and relationships.


Dominique Antiglio, Sophrology Therapist

Kingyo Therapy Suites
58 South Molton Street

London W1K 5SL,

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