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Litigant In Person or Self-Repping

In my case I self-repped AND used counsel, bringing in the “gun-for-hire” when points of Law needed to be argued, and then standing on my own when it was appropriate, so I’ve seen both sides of the coin. Likewise I’ve faced counsel, and later, a self-repping ex-partner.

I did this for the following reasons.

Firstly, process. It’s extremely complicated at times and counsel know the process, which is why I used them when I needed to.

Secondly, cost. Court is expensive, I wasn’t allowed legal aid, despite desperately needing it at times, so self-repped where possible.

Thirdly, knowledge. I know my case better than anyone else.

Lastly, there’s things I can say and do that my counsel can’t. Interrupting before the Judge and opposing counsel simply adjourn the hearing is one.

But at all times I made sure I had solid legal advice, on my position, on the law, on the opposing position. Forewarned is forearmed.


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