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Wellbeing Coach and Therapist Andrew Spence

Wellbeing Coach and Therapist Andrew Spence

Wellbeing coach and therapist







Brief and efficient solution-focussed hypnotherapy combined with Life coaching, specialising in treating stress, anxiety related disorders such as phobias, panic attacks and generalised anxiety (GAD) and lifting people out of depression. In addition I can help people to change negative habits, addictions and behaviours.

You have enough to deal with when experiencing divorce and family change, and many of the issues we suffer with can be resolved more quickly and easily than you might think.


Free initial 30 min assessment

Call to book on 01273 509793

or email:




I support, guide and motivate my clients to

  • become more relaxed,
  • think more positively,
  • feel more confident
  • sleep better
  • generally feel more energised, happier and healthier
  • improve communication and relationships




I believe that change does not occur from analysing and dwelling on the past. You can’t change the past but you can change how you cope with the present and on how you see and plan for the future. Every problem has a potential solution but when you are stressed/emotional the solution-focussed part of your brain doesn’t function properly as you prepare to fight or flee.

Over 20 years experience in the corporate world specialising in man-management and performance improvement followed by 20+ years helping thousands of people find solutions to life’s problems has equipped me with the ‘tools’, knowledge, skills and experience to help you.




I provide a free initial assessment which takes about 30 minutes in order to take a detailed case history. I can then assess whether or not I feel confident in being able to help you and if I can help I will explain my approach in more detail and provide you with a quote. This assessment also provides you with the opportunity to assess me and my credentials. This can take place at my office in Hove or by Skype if you prefer.


Free initial 30 min assessment

Call to book on 01273 509793

or email:





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