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Relationship Success & Dating Coach: Karen Marshall

Relationship Success & Dating Coach: Karen Marshall
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Karen Marshall: Health and Well-being Practitioner in the mind, body and energy. Mentor. Speaker.


If you value your self-development, I empower and motivate single mums and business women combining 20 years of relationship knowledge, health and well-being expertise in the mind, body and energy following a unique 4 Step F.I.N.D. Methodology program I have created and designed – to fast-track your relationship success and dating journey. 

NOW is the perfect time to transform your relationship approach before you’re even ready to start dating or possibly feel interested in the opposite sex, so you DON’T have to feel ready for dating.   Living as a single person and learning new skills now, will completely transform your future happiness and relationship choices you need to work on to refocus your mind and heart ahead of meeting someone new!  It makes sense doesn’t it?

You will SAVE yourself YEARS of more heartache and pain making the same relationship mistakes you will undoubtedly keep repeating in your future unless you become aware of them.

Investing your time learning new relationship skills now will accelerate your personal happiness to feel emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually re-aligned

BEFORE you start to date again (even if that is still a few years away yet). 


Professionally qualified Self-Transformation and Relationship Coach, Qualified Relationship Expert. Mentor. Speaker.

Creator of the unique F.I.N.D. Methodology

Health and Well-being Practitioner, experienced in 5 interventions in the MIND-BODY-ENERGY & Relationship connection.

ITEC Dip, 3-year IEH DIP, A&P, Life Coach with London Coaching Academy

Professionally trained with the Speakers Academy

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Investing JUST 2 DAYS of your time and life (you will receive 20 years of golden nuggets, the combined knowledge, insight, education, study and research that does work) you will fast-track your personal and future happiness BEFORE you’re ready to start dating or consider another relationship.   

It takes time after your divorce to heal your mind and heart, as you rediscover who you are as a single mum or business woman.

You will gain priceless knowledge to RECOGNISE a man that is RIGHT for you, what’s important and what you want in your future.  This step is critical because who you choose will impact the rest of your life so it’s important you choose wisely following proven coaching techniques that will help you identify the right partner immediately.

When you decide to shortcut the relationship mistakes most women make you will avoid wasting possibly the next 13 years of your life (it took me to discover what does work). For any relationship to work and last the way you communicate is key to BUILD a more loving, aligned, happier and rewarding relationship that can work, beyond sex and chemistry. 

The 4 step methodology will shift your awareness in just 2 days!

You have arrived at this junction of life, so let me lovingly help you shift your awareness and thinking (you may not even be aware of). Or be warned – you will continue to attract similar partners or previous destructive relationships, especially when you feel vulnerable or lonely on your journey ahead.   

Talking from experience, when you invest time and energy learning new relationship skills now, you will make the RIGHT informed CHOICEs when the timing is right.

To start straight way, here’s your FREE 7 Day ONLINE TRIAL to complete your first coaching exercise.

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Free 7 Day Trial Taster to F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success

The F.I.N.D. and Accelerate Your Relationship Success program will help you:

  • Discover the likely obstacles holding you back from possibly sabotaging your future happiness BEFORE you’re ready to start dating.  
  • Re-energise, your personal happiness, self-confidence and resilience to positively accelerate how you feel about yourself right now.
  • Learn new communication and relationship skills now will completely transform your relationship happiness and success.
  • Identify your deeper needs (beyond sex and chemistry) to build a much stronger and more loving relationship with YOURSELF, your children and any future partner.
  • Learn how to deal with conflict will help you build a stronger relationship with someone new to bring love back into flow (that will ultimately reconnect you physically too).  Will also help you deal with more effectively with your ex-partner.
  • Learn to RECOGNISE. ATTRACT, FIND and BUILD a more loving, happier and REWARDING relationship that can work.

To start you thinking here is your FREE gift:

Begin your INCREDIBLE Free 7 Day Trial Taster to F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success Online Program – it’s the same 2 day program I teach with groups of single or divorced women looking for relationship answers.

Join me for a FREE 30 minute no obligation Introduction Call

(via Skype or phone), where you will discover if the

2 Day Coaching F.I.N.D. 4 Step Methodology Programme

is right for you.  

Or begin your FREE 7 Day Trial now.

Free 7 Day Trial Taster to F.I.N.D. and Accelerate

your Relationship Success


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Divorced 7 years ago, I call myself ‘happily unmarried’ as my marriage wasn’t a happy one.  Online dating appealed to me as a busy single mum, so I spent the next few years ‘swiping’.  I knew there was something wrong with my whole approach, I was still attracting men who were not dissimilar to my ex – manipulative and controlling.

When I heard about Karen’s program, I was unsure and reluctant as I just had a traumatic time in court with my ex-husband.   Feeling nervous and excited, Karen helped me realise my values were all wrong and the ones I was looking for in a partner. Her knowledge about energy and behaviour really appealed and overall the program really exceeded my expectations.  Today I am more positive, aware of my insecurities and how to work with them feeling more confident with who I really am. I now have faith that the right person will come along.

Jo (aged 45)

London, International Stylist

“Divorced 3 ½ years ago and realising my kids are not going to be at home much longer, Karen Marshall’s program was fundamentally important to me. I not only learned about myself, but how I was attracting the person I was.  I discovered some absolute gems and the 4 Step process is eye opening. I feel more liberated and confident on my dating journey to create a fulfilling, deepening and strong connection.  I was a tad overwhelmed with how I felt as a result of this program, and fully excited and ready to create the very best relationship.  5 months on, I am now building a relationship with the love of my life.

Vanessa (aged 43)

Bucks, Consultant

More About Karen:

Leaving an 11 year relationship at 28 I believed someone else would make me happy.  Over the next 13 years of my adult life, I then considered myself single, supporting myself emotionally, mentally and financially. I dated, had short-term relationships, but none of them lasted beyond 2 years. I did the dating game, got the t-shirt, and lived alone as a single business woman over a number of years. When another significant relationship ended in my early 30’s, I was broken and made the decision that took me 7 years to study, research and re-educate myself to become an expert on the subject of “The relationship mistakes we make and why we make them” I applied in my own life. 

I had made all the mistakes, to recognise what DOES WORK then noticed different results with men I dated. I was determined to find my Mr RIGHT, someone who was extraordinary – the love of my life, I then met at the age of 41 and married when I was 47. We now share the happiest, most loving and rewarding relationship of my life. Why? I did the work on myself to understand me first, to better understand someone else and the steps to build a more fulfilling and happier relationship.  I become the chooser instead of waiting to chosen to immediately RECOGNISE my now husband. Let me share the secrets to accelerate your happiness and future so you don’t waste your life and years of making the same mistakes.

Qualified Health and Well-being Practitioner

What makes me the right expert to work with you.  I am also a qualified Health and Well-being Practitioner experienced in 5 different interventions. I understand how the mind, body, energy supports greater health, happiness and relationship success.


Self-Transformation and Relationship Coach

I have walked my talk, personally transformed my own life, healed a 10 year skin condition without medication, transformed my relationship journey I now share with the love of my life.  I truly understand your relationship challenges, the highs and lows, to sensitively support you moving forward positively to now specialise as a Self-Transformation and Relationship coach and mentor and the right expertise to empower and accelerate your journey.


“I would recommend Karen at Love Coaching wholeheartedly, her approach is warm, sincere, personable and empathetic whilst being highly professional and determinedly focused on helping you to achieve the ultimate goal of turning your dreams into reality….I found the course well structured and fun…. It has certainly helped me to positively focus and identify what really is important to me and …. regain control and know that there is something I can do in what seemed a truly hopeless personal situation.”

Nicole C

Managing Director, Incentive & Exhibition Management

“Brilliant insightful program, well worth doing… highly recommended for those seeking a deep and meaningful relationship. Karen demonstrates a breadth of in-depth knowledge on the subject and draws on her extensive toolkit and experience, whilst being sensitive and understanding to individual situations.”


Sales Professional, Technology Industry

It’s time to stop making the same mistakes and to accelerate your happiness to the highest level, starting from right now.

Schedule A Free Introduction Call With Me Now,

And Let’s Get Started.

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