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Relationship & Dating Transformation Coach Karen Marshall

Relationship & Dating Transformation Coach Karen Marshall
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Save years making the same mistakes and positively accelerate your happiness and how you feel about yourself right now


Karen Marshall


Professionally qualified in the MIND-BODY-ENERGY & Relationship connection

ITEC Dip, 3-year IEH DIP, A&P, Life Coach with London Coaching Academy

Professionally trained with the Speakers Academy

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You WILL SAVE yourself YEARS of heartache or possibly making the same mistakes again when you decide to learn new communication and relationship skills that will positively impact every area of your life, including your personal happiness, health and well-being and your future relationship happiness. 

Whether you are taking time out to heal your heart, choosing to be single to focus on YOUR needs, or you’re now ready to date again (for fun or more seriously) you need to MAKE THE RIGHT NEXT CHOICES moving forward. 

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, value your self-worth and personal development, you can choose to be empowered and motivated again right now to start living your life more powerfully, the one you truly deserve.

Investing JUST 2 days of your life you will discover how my unique 2 Day Relationship Skills Coaching Workshop or online Relationship Transformation Programme will help you to focus on your renewed confidence and happiness.

You will:

  • Save years making the same mistakes and positively accelerate your happiness and how you feel about yourself now.
  • Transform your approach to loving you and how to renew your confidence.
  •  Learn new communication and relationship skills now (while you are single, or before you start dating) which will transform your approach to your life and future happiness.
  • Feel more empowered and motivated. Your new awareness will positively impact every area of your life, including your family and how you communicate with your ex-partner.
  • Step by step you will be sensitively supported following proven coaching techniques and strategies.

Over the 2 Day Relationship Coaching Programme:

  • You will understand your personal communication style.
  • Identifying your deeper love needs to build a much stronger and more connected relationship with YOURSELF and any future partner.
  • You will re-energise your self-confidence and inner happiness.
  • You will learn to RECOGNISE Mr or Mrs Right, beyond looks and chemistry. Importantly how to ATTRACT, FIND and BUILD a more loving, happier and REWARDING relationship.
  • Discover how to avoid sabotaging your next relationship BEFORE you’re ready to start dating. 
  • Learn how to deal with conflict in a more loving way to build a much stronger and connected relationship, using the right ingredients, for it to become more lasting and work for love and intimacy to keep flowing.

Join me for a FREE 30 minute no obligation Introduction Call

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2 Day Coaching Programme is right for you.  


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you will receive £50 fee reduction off your chosen

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More About Karen:

During my 30’s over a 7 year period I studied the subject The relationship mistakes we make and why we make them, to help me find my RIGHT Mr Right, someone who was extraordinary, I immediately recognised and later married at the age of 47 after we dated for 4 years and lived together for 2 years. 

I understand what doesn’t work, to discover what does work, to help you avoid wasting your life, time and the same mistakes I made.  Leaving an 11 year relationship at 28, I then considered myself single for the next 13 years of my adult life, living as a single woman because the new relationships I started, didn’t last beyond 2 years. I did the dating game, got the t-shirt, also had longer periods being single. I then discovered what worked to help me RECOGNISE, FIND and BUILD the relationship I now have.  It is now my passion to help other women (or men ready to be helped) to achieve the happiness and the steps to find your next right relationship that will change your life in a way you never imagined could be possible. It did for me, so let me help you find your RIGHT, Mr or Mrs Right.

It’s my job as your Coach to help you think new thoughts to feel empowered and motivated. I will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be, so much faster than you will alone. I am also a qualified Health and Well-being Therapist and (Healer with training over 3 years), practicing and experienced in 5 different therapies. I understand how the mind, body, energy and our relationship connection impacts every area of your life.

Walking my talk, I will sensitively support you. I understand your relationship challengesthe highs and lows, to move you forward positively with the right coaching knowledge, holistic education and my personal transformation and relationship insight that works, combined into my unique 2 day coaching programme. 

Are you ready to transform your painful experience into an empowering one and learn new relationship skills that will positively transform your awareness, life and future happiness? 


“I would recommend Karen at Love Coaching wholeheartedly, her approach is warm, sincere, personable and empathetic whilst being highly professional and determinedly focused on helping you to achieve the ultimate goal of turning your dreams into reality….I found the course well structured and fun…. It has certainly helped me to positively focus and identify what really is important to me and …. regain control and know that there is something I can do in what seemed a truly hopeless personal situation.”

Nicole C

Managing Director, Incentive & Exhibition Management

“Brilliant insightful program, well worth doing… highly recommended for those seeking a deep and meaningful relationship. Karen demonstrates a breadth of in-depth knowledge on the subject and draws on her extensive toolkit and experience, whilst being sensitive and understanding to individual situations.”


Sales Professional, Technology Industry

It’s time to stop making the same mistakes and to accelerate your happiness to the highest level, starting from right now.

Schedule A Free Introduction Call With Me Now,

And Let’s Get Started.


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