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Reducing the cost of Divorce with Financial Advice

Reducing the cost of Divorce with Financial Advice


Chartered Financial Planner helping you to reduce the cost of divorce


When you are experiencing separation and want to reduce the cost of divorce, you need someone with the experience and skill to guide you towards making sound decisions.

Divorce is a time when financial clarity is limited. Financial planning is designed to assist people to achieve greater clarity and control of their finances at any stage of the divorce process.

Financial planning is about how you connect with money, yourself, your life and others – and how to make money work for you and not the other way around.

Planning helps clients to navigate their way through most financial decisions and are vitally important during periods of change in peoples lives such as:

  • before, during & after divorce
  • selling or buying a business or home
  • retirement, ill health, later life or when accumulating, preserving or spending wealth. 

Planning one’s finances before events happen often means better client outcomes, increased clarity, and reduced stress levels.


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