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Money Coach London WC

Money Coach London WC

 If you need a money coach in the London WC area, contact

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45 Minute Complimentary Money Breakthrough Session.


T: 01600 780122


Did you know that a majority of women in a marriage break-down are not in a position to support themselves or cover their monthly expenses after a separation and most women aren’t earning enough money to comfortably pay their household expenses unassisted?

I'm a certified money coach and I provide practical support, coaching and mentoring for women in just how to build a secure financial future after divorce, through elite coaching programs, mentoring, self-improvement audio exercises, meditations and more and helping women everywhere to create their own financial security and independence is very close to my heart.

Most people have an unconscious limit of earning, beyond which they will self-sabotage and prevent themselves from reaching higher levels of income, whatever that level may be. Typically, women struggle more than men to earn what they deserve. The level of a woman’s self- worth is directly linked to her ability to earn more money than before and therefore it is more than the mere practicalities of positive thinking and hard work that is going to make the difference.

I'm too am a single parent so I really appreciate how tough it can be to get the balance right. I've been through two separations and realise that I am uniquely placed to help you achieve your own financial and personal transformation. My qualifications include: Money Breakthrough Method ® coach, Personal Performance Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis as well as Spiritual Master Practitioner.

"Working with Wilma regarding money gremlins that were holding me back was fabulous, inspiring and insightful. I had no idea that family upbringing, pecking order and how we view ourselves can actually sabotage our money-making capacity, if we let it. totally recommend Wilma to anyone who wants to break through the ties that are holding them back. Wilma is hands on, empathic and practical…… a fabulous combination." (Roz Esposito - Clothes Therapist)

“I feel like I have been through a transformation. It felt like I was turning my back on the past and I now have a transformed relationship with money. It’s like I’m going into a completely new phase.”

Catherine Mansel Lewis – CML PR & Marketing

I live in Monmouthshire, SE Wales, but serve clients throughout the UK.

I am a wealth and money mind-set coach.

It's time to break the taboo about money. My vision, starting with the UK, is to shake things up – to get people talking and thinking about money in a much more positive and exciting way!

When you change the way you perceive money you will change the way you receive it too - it's inevitable.

The Money Midwife offers help for women in changing their perception of money so that they become really at home with the reality of receiving more – not only for themselves but for the good of everyone whose lives they touch.

Creating and keeping more money is only one part of living a richer, more contented life.

I have a direct approach to my work but also like to keep it light-hearted and fun. I make sure that my clients understand how they relate to money right out of the blocks, and then go to work with them to re-align their relationship with money, uncovering those money habits that are tripping them up and breaking through unconscious barriers to creating more income.

I also work with clients to over-come more subtle personal blockages to living a successful life. I work in depth with them on their individual money type which gives them a huge boost and advantage.

Knowing which of the 5 money types rules the way a client manages their money, allows them to optimise their strengths for maximum effect, and they learn how to navigate their challenges. This is a key factor to achieving the success they are looking for.

Through 1:1coaching, group coaching, workshops, writing and speaking I help clients to break away from the money habits that are tripping them up and transition elegantly into earning more and keeping more money.

My qualifications include Money Breakthrough Method Coach ®, Master Practitioner of NLP, Spiritual Master Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis

Specialties: Money Breakthroughs | Spirituality | NLP |Transformation | Work/Life Balance | Entrepreneurs | After Divorce | Personal Performance | Personal Development | Mindset | Personal Growth | Coaching | Mentoring | Public Speaking | Money Mindset