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Healing For Change

Healing For Change


 Healing For Change:

Clear the negativity that undermines you




Be careful not to bring the things that hurt your last relationship into your new life.

Get help , so you can clear out the old and make yourself ready for a fresh start.

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The Stamford Healing Process is easy to do and is extremely effective, enabling you to create a better future.

Deborah Talalay is a leading London-based Theta healer who has practiced until recently in Harley Street and still practices in Chiswick, West London and by phone and Skype. Using Theta Healing, Homeopathy, NLP and as a Healer, Deborah has successfully treated people of all ages and from all walks of life for a wide variety of complaints.

Deborah was an actress for many years. After years of repeated chest infections she was forced to look into alternative therapies for some answers. On the road back to health she became so fascinated by what these therapies could achieve where conventional treatments had failed, that when her eldest son was born in 1986 she decided to train as a homeopath.

As well as working with adults she has also treated many young people with behavioural and learning difficulties, who have gone on to become happy and well-adjusted adults. She has worked extensively in her practice with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and at Chailey Heritage a centre of excellence for children with complex physical disabilities.  Deborah was also a Foresight Infertility Practitioner, and has helped many infertile couples to conceive.



  • Resolve long standing issues that keep you attracting the same negative experiences
  • Improve your relationships with your partner, friends, family and colleagues
  • Remove issues which undermine your self confidence and self-esteem however successful you have been in your career
  • Remove long standing, grief, fear and anxiety
  • Overcome issues with weight, food and body image
  • Manifest nurturing, loving and successful new relationships
  • Clear the blocks that are stopping you manifesting abundance in your life
  • Resolves stubborn, lifelong issues that keep sabotaging your professional, social and romantic dreams


“I was tired of living with eczema, and of same-old answers from GPs and dermatologists. I turned to homeopathy and Theta Healing. After the first treatment I experienced a brief flare-up, but then my skin was visibly clearer and less itchy. . At a wedding this weekend I was complimented on my skin – a sign of the real breakthrough this healing has been for me.” – Mrs. D.

“This Theta Healing! I’ve been looking for something like this to take the worry away all my life. It’s incredible! I don’t remember not worrying about everything. I feel such a major sense of relief.” – Mrs H. Hereford

“You put your finger – literally! – on the core of my pain and I cried all evening.   Today, I am feeling almost back to normal, i.e. inspired by life.” – Ms J.W.

“After our last session everything completely changed. I received plenty of new opportunities straight after the session and the good flow continues. I’m also much less scared when we talk about big contracts as I know I can deliver and I deserve to earn that kind of money. I’m much more efficient and dedicated to doing the work and proposals for clients. I’m also not so pushy and more patient, as I can feel what’s the best approach at any given moment which feeling I had lost a bit before as I was governed by my insecurities.” – Ms K.S.

“I am sooo impressed!  I assume the Theta Healing has started to unblock my procrastination, because the seminar brochures are now completed, printed and bound.” – Sheelagh


Deborah Talalay – Healing Videos 

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