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Financial Guidance with Henry Elliston of Efficient Portfolio London WC

Financial Guidance with Henry Elliston of Efficient Portfolio London WC

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

We want to ensure you don’t.

At Efficient Portfolio, we believe in helping people clarify and realise their dreams and goals through financial planning. We can provide detailed financial guidance for couples navigating divorce, with a view to the future they want to create for themselves –and for their now extended family.


Just because you are divorcing or your family is ‘changing form’ – doesn’t mean you don’t all have a bright future ahead.

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Divorce is an emotionally demanding time, but it has massive implications on your finances too. At Efficient Portfolio, we help people to clarify their situations and equip them with the tools to build a new, successful future built around their individual goals.

Suddenly planning your finances as an individual, demands a new strategy to ensure you don’t run out of money in the future. You also need to ensure that your financial plan is not derailed if something unexpected happens. Whether your concerns centre on reorganising your finances now, establishing a new financial plan for the future or making sure your plan adapts over time in line with an ever-changing future, we can help.

The prestigious Chartered title is the Financial Services Industry’s gold standard. It is only awarded to firms that can satisfy a rigorous qualification process and show a commitment to continual professional development. Only firms who are committed to the Chartered Institute’s Code of Ethics are able to achieve the coveted Chartered title.

‘My ex and I were splitting up and needed help working out how best to share our money as I’m not great with my finances.  My ex had a final salary pension, which was really complicated to understand, and we had some other savings/pensions as well.  Henry reviewed everything and then gave us really clear guidance on how best to share the assets, which has proven to be very fair.  Henry is also provided me with comfort that I will have enough money in future (provided I keep saving towards my pension!).  I highly recommend him for his friendly, professional and generous advice.’

‘The Efficient Portfolio ethos has not only provided a much more comfortable picture about my finances, but the whole engagement encourages positive thoughts about more life-options with those finances. This ethos encourages a more ‘holistic’ view about life… not just finances but more importantly working towards better wellbeing and happiness and building in lifetime ambitions with my family and friends.’
K Malloy

‘Because my marital situation changed almost two years ago, this is the first time I have had to deal with financial matters on my own. Anytime I have asked to see Henry, I have been dealt with very thoughtfully and helpfully, which I really have appreciated. Henry and Efficient Portfolio are aware of my personal situation and have given me the confidence to consult them when necessary.’


At each and every stage of our relationship with you, we do everything possible to take away your concerns, exceed your expectations and give you reassurance and peace of mind in your financial future.

The Kinder Institute suggests that ‘the Life Planning philosophy is founded on the idea that every human being strives to live a life of meaning and purpose’. So what has this all got to with financial planning?

The answer is a new beginning for the industry; financial planning is evolving and developing into something that is no longer about generic products, common goals or generalised strategies. Financial planning is becoming a profession that discovers your unique aspirations and shows you the ways in which these can be achieved. Of course, this is something new to the world of finance and will not become common practice for years to come.

At Efficient Portfolio, we are embracing Life Planning. We believe that the client’s core dreams and desires need to be at the forefront of their financial planning. Every client is unique to us and we work hard to give you a future that is completely centred on you, your dreams and your innermost hopes. We aim to break through any self-imposed barriers that are preventing your dreams from coming to light. With this meaningful content, we can then build a plan that is as unique as you are.

So don’t hold back on your dreams!

Contact us to see how Life Planning can enrich your future.

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