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Divorce Shift

Divorce Shift

Divorce Coach Marina Pearson

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Heartbreak Expert and Coach

Hello lovely

I hope you are doing better than yesterday and if you feel that you are not, know that you will. The nature of what you are going through is normal.

Having been through heart-wrenching times myself, I know it may feel like it will never end, but know it will.

You may find yourself crying in the aisles of the supermarket, getting home in the evenings and bursting into tears wondering whether it will ever get any better. And all I can say my love, is that it will.

The reason I know it will – even though you may feel like it wont at this moment is because our true nature will determine this exact outcome.

I once heard that our happiness is only a thought away…… and it is. The funny thing about our emotions is that they are all generated from our own thinking – not from a situation or a person…even though it may feel like this.

I hope you find this a comforting thought – to know that the pain you feel right now whether you have just separated or going through the acceptance stage, will stop and that its possible to have it happen now!

Even though you may still be doubting yourself and wonder whether you will ever feel like you again.

I can promise you something –  you will… if i can then you can, if my clients can then you can. I promise.

The real question is – how long you want to stay in this place? Having been in the personal development world for the last 7 years, and supported women to overcome heartbreak for the last 3 years (and have even written a mulit-award winning book on the subject ) I now know that suffering is a choice, and that you can choose to leave the ditch with a helping hand, or not.

And here is the sad thing… I have seen who have, have stopped their life for their ex when they did not have to. Are you not worth more than that?

I just don’t want that to be you. Your life is precious and you deserve to be happy. So come and have a 45 minute chat with someone that has been where you are and now can see how to get to the other side.

See the 45 minute voucher below and email me to say YES Marina lets have a cuppa and a chat!

Much love to you

Marina x



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The complimentary "Heal From Your Divorce" Phone Session includes:

A 45 minute discovery session: Be at peace, get over your Ex and feel like You again. Complimentary session worth £190



About Marina Pearson

Marina, is a heartbreak expert for women, best-selling author of Goodbye Mr Ex and the founder of Divorce Shift an organization that supports women to recover from their ex relationships. She is also the founder of Spiritual Journey Retreats - retreats that focus on fabulous women who want to get away from it all and re-discover who they are to trust themselves again after heartbreaking times in their life.

She is known for catalyzing women into their greatness after relationship loss leaving them feeling like the best thing since sliced bread!

She is her life long k-study. She has been divorced, grew up with a divorced mother and has been through countless break-ups. Because she has been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and written the book she is able to empathize with her clients at a much deeper level.

During the last 3 years Marina has supported women to own their own greatness after relationship breakdowns through her coaching and workshops.

She has discovered that there are 7 Universal Principles in life that allow women to naturally recover and blossom which she will be sharing on the retreat.

She believes that healing from a divorce or break up starts with letting go of the ex, which can often leave women doubting themselves, falling into unhealthy relationships or feeling at a loss.

Marina now wants to address this next step of the journey to invite women to experience self-renewal; to listen, trust, reclaim their self- confidence and experience bliss from the inside out.

The Spiritual Journey Retreats open themselves up not only to women who have suffered the loss of an ex but who have been through heartbreaking times and wish to re-discover who they really are and transform how they experience themselves.

She has been featured in The Guardian and Daily Mail as well as magazines such as Prima, Glamour Magazine, Soul & Spirit,Now,Best, Marie Claire and Take a Break. She is also a prolific blogger for The Huffington Post, YourTango Experts and E-Harmony.

A Few Things you may not know about Marina

She loves travel, adventure and exploration – she has travelled to every continent and lived in 9 different countries! So you are in good hands when it comes to exploring other countries

She has been practicing yoga for the last 12 years and understands the power of transformation that yoga has.

She loves coconuts! Best form of re-hydration that there is – and she also thinks they are very tasty!

She has jumped out of a helicopter and gone skiing in the Canadian wilderness….

She lives in Hertfordshire with her partner Marc who she loves very much.

She loves all things beautiful and seeing women blossom…