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Indre Butkeviciute

Indre Butkeviciute

I serve women who are looking to take control of their finances. Whether that’s providing insight and training into ‘new’ ways to make money, or providing guidance on how to grow their existing finances – I can help. 

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I use my extensive knowledge, earned through education and my career working in Private Wealth Management to benefit regular, everyday women. Not only that, but I also ‘walk the talk’ and am always experimenting, trying out new financial trends to see what actually works. 
My competitors are focused on providing more generalised, topic-based education to the masses instead of tailoring that information to the individual. They often develop a ‘blue-print’ which quickly becomes outdated and can exclude those who don’t fit their generic profile. 
My service is unique in that I only work with a select number of women at a time, so that I can dedicate time to understanding their unique circumstances and develop a plan that is right for them. 
The reason women work with me, is that I explain everything simply. I will never use unnecessary jargon and will always aim to empower those I educate, I also make finances FUN! I create space for women to feel excited about earning more money without worrying about looking greedy or any other negative emotions that can sometimes come with the desire for wealth. 

Indre is an amazing Wealth Coach. Even during the pandemic, shecoached me on finding new ways to increase my income whilechallenging me to thinking differently about new income streams. She has a brilliant mindset and energy that keeps you on your toes.I would highly recommend her as a wealth coach.

Samira Musa

I had the good fortune to collaborate with Indre recently and I’ve known her for over a year now. Indre’s actionable approach is rooted in her holistic insight and experience in the wealth management industry. She is highly collaborative and passionate about her work. Our project gave me the confidence and some of the tools to be able to assess wealth managers and investments decisions. I hope I will have the opportunity to work with Indre in the future.”

Tony Jamous

Meeting Indre was timely. I needed honest, sound and easy to understand guidance with investing and she was a great help. Indre guided me through a new world of investment and finance, challenging me to think about my money in a different light, so that I made the best decisions for me. She tailored specific questions to ask financial advisors and opened up her network of contacts, selecting people she knew I would work well with. Working with Indre was enjoyable and empowering, she has a warm, friendly manner. I found her master classes/networking events insightful, fun and a great way to meet other inspiring women. 

Tina Cooney

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