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Andrea Cater – Divorce PA™ at

Andrea Cater – Divorce PA™ at


As a Divorce PA, I offer friendly, practical, supportive and effective administrative support to people at risk of overwhelm during difficult phases of their lives.








  • A real PA, not a “virtual” PA – I come to you!

  • Compassionate, pragmatic and pro-active

  • Helping you to regain a sense of control and equilibrium

  • Getting the ‘dreaded things’ done

  • Making calls, information gathering, problem solving, form-filling

  • Highly experienced & flexible – no job too small (or too large!)



I hand-hold, guide and manage administrative tasks such as form-filling, paperwork, letters and telephone calls that people find difficult to face in a time of crisis and thereby enable them to regain a feeling of control and equilibrium – which enables them to make real progress in their lives.


Call me quoting the voucher code ADD for a free, no obligation chat.

07540 123 132


“Andrea is a truly wonderful person both personally and professionally.  She has an inspiring nature about her, full of knowledge, energy and willingness.” Maxine

I’m happy to engage on a one-off, periodic or regular basis, to support at times of need, and also the planning and project management of large tasks (such as house moves).
I can also accompany you to difficult meetings to provide moral support, ensure you cover all the ground you intended and take notes of those key, but so easy to forget, points that were discussed.


“Thank you so much for reviewing my utility costs – it is amazing to think that the exercise will save me over £1,200 this year!  You also did an excellent job in helping me to sift through and organise my paperwork mountain and the handy summary sheet you left me with has already been most useful.”      Charles, Sussex

With a background gained in over 30 years managing the finance and administration of a variety of small businesses, I felt it was time to do something more personally meaningful whilst utilising my skills and experience in administration and communication.


“A fountain of knowledge and a great person!”  Sean

The inspiration behind my “niche PA” business model was my parents, who now find it stressful and daunting to manage their admin lives in a way they never did when they were younger. As I find it extremely rewarding to be able to help them to get on with enjoying life, it seemed an obvious next step to extend this support to others who find themselves in a variety of situations where they feel unable to cope, whether long or short term. Whether someone finds themselves in the throes of divorce, long term illness or simply getting on in years, I can help!

I’m upbeat, friendly and approachable and enjoy finding solutions to the problems that are faced. I work primarily within the Sussex and Kent areas and look forward to speaking to you and exploring the possibilities!


Call me quoting the voucher code ADD for a free, no obligation chat.

If you like what you hear and want to engage me to help you, I will deduct £25 from my first invoice.

07540 123 132


“Thanks for “de-cluttering” my paperwork and giving me a simple system I can work with going forwards.  It is such a relief to have things under control.  Thanks also helping me to organise my thoughts and then type such a compelling letter for me to send…”

As a Divorce PA™ I have been trained by Alternative Divorce to have an overview of the Divorce adminstrative processes and also an awareness of the emotional and psychological effects of divorce.  I know how debilitating it can be, so that even small tasks seem insurmountable.  My service includes access to valuable resources such as the Divorce Organiser™ and Divorce Travel Guide.








Andrea Cater

Andrea Cater | LinkedIn


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