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Christina Rogers

Christina Rogers

Financial planning for divorcees


My focus is around empowering clients to understand their finances,

helping them to reflect on their new future and ensure

they have the financial knowledge and know how to make it a reality.

I am a Financial planner and Chartered Wealth manager (and Chartered fellow of the CISI) and have over 25 years’ experience advising clients. I am a Resolution member as well, demonstrating my commitment to assisting families and individuals to resolve issues in an informed and constructive way. 

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I act as an Independent consultant and financial advisor to clients, taking the time to understand each individual situation and building complex solutions which are always communicated in a clear and straightforward manner.

We never know what life will throw at us and getting Divorced can raise many different challenges. Having supported and advised many clients through their divorces I understand that it can be overwhelming. 

I work in partnership with clients to help them understand the family finances so they can plan for their future security and specialise in complex cases, often involving businesses and overseas assets. I work very closely with professional advisors such as counsellors, mediators and solicitors to provide clear explanation and support around all of your financial situation so dialogue can be entered into in a positive, informed and open manner.

Whilst I specialise in  complex cases involving high net-worth individuals, I do offer an initial consultation to all clients without charge.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Christina. She provides her clients with a Rolls-Royce service and exceptional outcomes with buckets of common sense and charm. She’s great! I love working with her.”

Emily Brand

Partner , Boodle Hatfield

“I really do appreciate how much you do for me over and above the professional advice with regard to my investments and I’m overwhelmed at times as to how you have the knowledge and the wisdom to help in difficult circumstances certainly in relation to some of my family affairs.  Thank you so much seems a little inadequate.”

S Walker


“I first came to Christina after the demise of an unhappy and extremely financially controlling marriage – ironic given I was the one coming into the marriage with money. She literally taught me to read financial reports and to not be scared of them, to believe that as a woman I could be on top of financial matters by myself even though I may not go about things in a straight line like my ex. who would know exactly what he was worth at any given moment. I think some of us women, maybe those born pre 1970’s, just don’t work in that male orientated logical model and we get turned off trying to fit into a shape that naturally isn’t who we are and we make it mean that we are less for that so our self esteem dips to an all time low. These days/times I think it’s about celebrating that difference, feeling empowered by it and finding people who will support us as we are, to let go of the masks we’ve been wearing to accommodate and fit in.

I’ve never found anyone who comes anywhere close to Christina, both in terms of her financial expertise and her caring nature. Previous to Christina I met many financial experts in the city of London who treated me ether like a dumb child or something to flirt with – no one took me seriously.

Since meeting Christina she has helped turn my life around: to invest wisely; to spread my risks; to educate me in how financial systems work; to challenge the system; to not just passively accept things just because they are written on a fact sheet but to ask questions (however basic they may seem). She sees things in the full 360 degrees, which is rare, someone who can view not only your financial portfolio but the tax implications and the life you want to live. She’s a coach, a mentor, a friend. I just wish there were more of her in the world so other women could also experience her talents. I have a teenage daughter and would love her to set up an on-line coaching platform in all things financial she’d be a natural! I hope one day she fully realises what she brings; she has a beautiful modesty about her which keeps her real, charming and extremely personable.”


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