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Divorce Coaching and Transformation with Dee Burrowes

Divorce Coaching and Transformation with Dee Burrowes

Escape the Mindset B.S




by Living Life on your Terms




Moving Past Your Fear and Being the More Confident You – with the guidance of Mindset Strategist Dee Burrowes


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Is there that moment in time when your heart sink due to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Are you tired of feeling stuck, stressed and burned out?

Is the epidemic of mind clutter, inability to get organised and the sense that “the stuff” is taking your life over?


  • Renewal

  • Rediscovery

  • Regeneration


Divorce and family separation is a life changing experience that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and even afraid.


As your Mindset Angel, I will help you to regain your confidence and change your Mindset – creating a new life story where you will feel renewed, rediscover your passion and regenerate your life – and income!

Don’t let divorce and separation stop you from being the person you were born to be – with some help from an experienced divorce coach like myself.


For your own cost-free

no obligation discovery session

Simply contact coachdeeburrowes@gmail.com

07487 761 474



I am your Mindset Strategist, and I will show you how to eradicate your restless nights and procrastination. I create a safe space for you to explore possibilities and clear limiting beliefs to make impossible dreams a reality.

My coaching sessions are described by others as inspiring and transformative, as I help you to become empowered in your life and to witness your own vision and inner guidance.


  • Develop creative confidence
  • Develop a growth mindset in yourself and your team
  • Embody appropriate risk-taking, and learning from failure
  • Reframe barriers, discover valuable insights and get unstuck
  • Translate insights into action and change behaviours to produce desired results
  • Creating healthy boundaries and self-sabotage patterns
  • Rebuilding self-esteem
  • Rebuilding self-worth
  • Rebuilding self-confidence
  • Acknowledge and control your inner voice
  • When to say ‘no’
  • Move past fear and being assertive
  • Rebuilding a relationship with money
  • Improve communication skills
  • Regain your energy
  • Achieving your life dreams


“Dee Burrowes is a truly inspirational coach and uplifting individual. She combines an insight into what is best for her clients with practical everyday solutions to improve all areas of your life. Her M.I.N.D.S.E.T. acronym is the introductory key to her brilliance. Discover for yourself.”

F Lynch, Corporate Tax Lawyer







I am a Certified Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner with many years of coaching experience.

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I strive for excellence, impactful results for my clients and enjoy transforming them from ground zero to super extraordinary.

For your own cost-free

no obligation discovery session

Simply contact coachdeeburrowes@gmail.com

07487 761 474


Website: https://deeburrowes.com/


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For your own cost-free no obligation discovery session
Simply contact coachdeeburrowes@gmail.com 




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