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Jonathan Burston

Jonathan Burston

Jonathan has spent his career helping people achieve and succeed in their lives.

His focus now is upon helping people to navigate divorce in a positive way and to use this major life event as the opportunity to create the life they want after divorce.


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He learnt from his own divorce experience that there was no one impartial to help him navigate the emotional impact, the best route to take in the process, the financial negotiations or how to take control. And that’s before his concerns about what the future looked like after divorce.

He did it on his own and devised a framework which he has applied with numerous clients with positive results.

  • Coach
  • MBA from Henley Business School
  • Senior executive roles in business & industry bodies
  • Featured in…The Telegraph, The Guardian, Channel 4 & many more
  • Helped clients win recognition and awards

 “I first spoke to Jonathan just a few weeks after my husband informed me he wanted a divorce.  

I was shocked and devastated, and felt completely worthless. That first conversation really set me on the path to recovery. Jonathan’s calm and soothing manner immediately put me at ease and gave me the encouragement I needed to feel I could face the future.  

 Within just a few weeks, my state of mind has improved significantly and I really feel I can face my divorce as a much stronger, more confident and self-assured person. Thank you Jonathan! You were there just at the time I needed you!


“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ once again for all your help and advice. I felt slightly anxious before working with you, but you soon put me at ease. I feel more confident and stronger now going forward. I would not hesitate to recommend you.”


“I spoke with Jonathan, just as I was separating.  I wanted someone who was impartial and had been through it, to help guide me during what I could see was going to be a really stressful period of my life. Working with Jonathan was so much better than I could have imagined. He knew how I felt, the challenges I was facing and how to guide me and keep me sane. Without his help, I would not have got through it the way I did. Thank you.” 


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