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Nadia Beckett: Divorce Arbitrator London SW

Nadia Beckett: Divorce Arbitrator London SW

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Nadia Beckett is one of a small number of qualified family law arbitrators in England trained by Resolution.   As a solicitor with 20 years experience of family law Nadia has the skills, knowledge and expertise to arbitrate your financial dispute.

Arbitration is a fantastic way of resolving legal disputes out of court. It enables you to resolve all types of financial disputes more quickly, cheaply and in a more flexible and less formal setting than a court room.  With the court service becoming increasingly slow and ineffective arbitration is an alternative you shouldn’t ignore.


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“I’ve had two years of service from Nadia Beckett now. She’s become an important figure in this stage of our family life.I marvel at how right she was in seeing the bigger picture at our first meeting when I was still bewildered and confused about my circumstances. Her initial analysis identified some key tactical steps for me to take to best look after the three of us. Nadia and her team have been sensitive to the natural concerns I had around the two children (9 and 7) while giving sensible practical advice which has helped me to prioritise, to ‘swallow some bitter pills’ and to see some positives for us. Nadia is intuitive, clear and a sound strategic thinker who assumes a forward-looking co-operative approach, is willing to allow time for reflection when that’s possible, and is willing to use latest legal developments. I can hardly bear to think about the cost of the elaborate path my ex-husband has forced me to take. Nadia respected my beliefs, including that I should keep my legal costs down, allowed and encouraged me to do what I can myself to progress this case.I’m sure these things have helped keep me going during this awful period.”
– Francesca – Oxted July 2014


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