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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer James Belderbos

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer James Belderbos


Whether the issues relate to finances or children, you need to be in charge of making the decisions…. rather than a stranger in a courtroom.

James Belderbos is passionate about believing in modern day families – in whatever form they take. Throughout his career, he has often been recommended by counsellors – perhaps a reflection of his caring, sympathetic approach that goes hand in hand with his desire to achieve the best outcome for you.



Having met James Belderbos for the first time I found him to be professional, knowledgeable and also very understanding to the sensitive situation with regards to my ex wife and the current situation.”
Throughout the whole process James Belderbos always gave sound advice and was always very approachable handling my calls personally which meant a great deal to me.
I would without doubt recommend James Belderbos to anyone requiring a Family Law Professional.”  Mr D, Leicestershire



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The collaborative divorce process is where you and your former partner can, with the help of your chosen solicitors, sit down in the same room and work through each and every problem face to face. These meetings enable you and your family to resolve the issues that concern you the most, with the involvement, if necessary, of other professionals to assist in the process. These may include Financial Advisors or Family Consultants.


The collaborative approach gives you first-hand involvement in every aspect of that agreement. You will still have the benefit of certainty as once an agreement is reached it will be reduced into an agreement for approval by the court.


Not only was James extremely attentive to accuracy and detail, he showed compassion and kindness (a trait not often associated with lawyers!) and steered me towards reaching a satisfactory result with my divorce.”  Nicole Brent, Nottinghamshire


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“I know James professionally and really like and respect his collaborative approach to working with couples and families who are going through divorce. His commitment to working with them in a way that respects the individuals and cares for all of those involved is warm and genuine whilst being at all times professional to the highest standards”.  Ann Finnemore: Therapist


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