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Child Psychologist Sussex

Child Psychologist Sussex


Help Your Child Thrive


Free consultation First Step to Keep Your Child’s World Intact, value of £50


Una Archer MBPsS

Free consultation First Step to Keep Your Child’s World Intact, value of £50

078 1067 4518



I know that parenting can be overwhelming at times, and going through divorce is definitely one of those times. I am child psychologist Una Archer MBPsS and my practice is focused on helping you to nurture the secure relationship with your child. Having gone through the separation with the father of my children, I know first hand that the path to helping your child to adjust to divorce lies through strengthening your relationship with your child. You can imagine your relationship as cloak that envelopes your child and creates a buffer between your child and the outer circumstances.


Contact me to arrange a free consultation First Step to Keep Your Child’s World Intact. We will discuss your situation and by the end of the consultation you will:

  • Know what your child needs from you most at the moment
  • Be able to take simple daily steps to help your child thrive
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Be able to focus on deepening the connection with your child rather than worrying about what impact the divorce will have your children


I am dedicated to helping divorcing mums and dads who are looking for tools to raise happy, healthy, resourceful, resilient, all around well adjusted children. I have a unique blend of qualifications and professional as well as personal experience that allows me to bridge the theory and practice and offer you the solution that will work in your situation:

  • As a child psychologist (MA) specialising in supporting secure parent-child relationships I can quickly identify what your child’s needs most to feel secure during and after divorce. Being able to focus on one thing at a time will greatly reduce your overwhelm and allow you to focus on deepening the connection with your child.
  • I ran an ‘outstanding’ childcare setting for 7 years and supported our parents through ALL sorts of issues. I am able to approach any child related concern in a down to earth, child centred way.
  • Having gone through the separation with the father of my two children I have the first hand experience of what it takes to keep their world intact and eventually – help them thrive, no matter what the future is going to bring next.


I do not feel so overwhelmed by the demands of my children any more. There have definitely been situations that I have dealt with more calmly and effectively than I would have before.

You helped me to understand my own reactions better, as well as [my child’s], and therefore helped me to act in a more suitable way and if I can’t, to feel less guilty about it.

I am more clear about her needs. And if not, at least I am more aware than before that when she is ‘difficult’ she is struggling with something. I know what to look for.



Your child can thrive through and after the divorce.

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation to discover that first step you can take to make it a reality.

Una Archer MBPsS

Free consultation First Step to Keep Your Child’s World Intact, value of £50

078 1067 4518



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Una Archer MBPsS


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Una Archer MBPsS

Free consultation First Step to Keep Your Child’s World Intact, value of £50



Child Psychologist, Master's Degree (Vilnius University)

Qualified Waldorf Steiner Kindergarten Teacher

Registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator for Circle of Security International

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