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Life coaching can have quick results – even if you’re divorcing

Life coaching can have quick results – even if you’re divorcing

Anne, a Theatre Company Trustee and Board Director in Winchester, describes how quick and effective life coaching can be to move you forwards through difficult life changes.

Sue Terry worked with Anne to bring about fast changes in her life.  In this short interview, Sue explains how she works with her clients:

“I always work at the client’s own pace; making sure that my work is bespoke to them and their needs. If the client has a very specific issue they want to address, I will sort out a quick but effective response, as my view is ‘don’t mess around with lots of unnecessary extras.’

I’m a great believer in being honest, straightforward and ethical, because that’s what my clients want and expect.  I don’t set out to do anything that’s not beneficial for them, including taking more time than necessary, and I work as simply as possible. Some people say that I have a ‘no bullshit’ approach that works– and I’d have to agree!

So, when the situation requires it, I aim for a quick intervention, using an approach designed to help the client get fast results.

This works really well when the client wants to deal with a one-off event;  a particular set of circumstances, like a difficult work relationship with a colleague, or boss; or they just need a bit of a ‘boost’ to help during a longer period of working with me on a range of personal issues.

My clients have often said how amazed they are that problems and anxieties they’ve been wrestling with for so long can be resolved so quickly.

One of my clients ( Anne – who you see in the video) praised the great value that this approach brings – once experienced, the effect lasts:  ‘I was surprised at how practical and swift the process is. It really moves you on. It’s great value.’   The simple, practical techniques I use can be so speedy – and clients love that!”

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