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It’s not just about talking to lawyers when divorcing……

It’s not just about talking to lawyers when divorcing……


You are not alone:

Did you know that even though swans usually mate for life, sometimes they still ‘divorce’?

Divorce & family breakup is an emotional & psychological journey, more than a legal & financial one.


What you feel will directly effect how you act: your pain, anger, fear or sense of hopelessness is all quite natural.




How do I keep myself sane through all this?

I think we all go a little crazy during big life changes like divorce & separation, so first of all accept that it’s OK to feel emotional, scared, angry or numb – depending on what stage of the process you are in. Understanding those stages can help you work with your emotional state, rather than against it.

The key thing is to talk to a wide range of people who can help you.  And the people I can direct you to don’t charge for a conversation – because until you talk to them, how do you know how they can help you – specifically you – and the situation you are in?

But for most of us the best advice is relevant to most situations and I’ve put some of that advice in the following article:


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  1. Great answers to some important questions. Thanks for sharing

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