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Introduction to the Starting Over Show

Sunday 15 March 2009
Starting Over Show – Barcelo Brighton Old Ship Hotel

We are creating a hub of information and inspiration for the benefit of everyone who has ever needed to start their life over again.  This resource is the creation of Suzy Miller (as featured in August edition of Eve Magazine), who has drawn on her own personal experiences to create the Starting Over Show.

The event will include a free workshop by Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff relationship coach Francine Kaye, a free legal surgery, an Indulgence and Wellbeing area, and a talk and book signing by Anna Pasternak (Daisy Dooley Does Divorce).

A relationship break up can be the perfect time to make positive changes whether that’s starting up the business you always dreamt of, getting your pension sorted, or losing weight and taking more care of your health.

The Starting Over Show, taking place at the Barcelo Brighton Old Ship Hotel on 15 March 2009, is the first UK event to help people bounce back from relationship break ups and life crises. But through our website at we are able to offer support all year round.

Just like at the live event, we are creating a safe haven in which soon-to-be singletons can take professional advice to build the confidence and skills they need to go it alone, supported by our resource site

The access to skilled professionals, information resources and shared experiences via our blogs and comments, will also be valuable to anyone facing redundancy, retirement, bereavement, or just stuck in a rut.

So access our site now for free and take those first steps in starting your life over – or giving it a bit of a shove in the right direction!
All the things you need to know about breaking up and starting over in one SOS

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