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Interview with a Financial Planner: Nigel Rowland

Nigel Rowland

1/ A financial planner can discuss a divorcing couples’ present assets, income and current/future needs in an impartial manner, with the aim of helping to agree a fair solution for both parties, particularly taking into account the needs of any dependent children if appropriate. In my experience, this has often led to as amicable an agreement on a way forward as possible, and avoided the need for professional mediation. I have the added advantage of access to a software system that can help with clearly presenting, both in writing and graphically, a clear report to the couple showing how the recommended planning can produce the right outcomes that have been agreed.

2/ At such a stressful and emotive time, the main mistake many couples make is to try and argue out a financial plan themselves, usually leading to more conflict. A financial planner, can act as an impartial third party who is experienced in mattes financial and can help the couple agree a fair solution as to a financial plan, both during and after the separation. This significantly helps to reduce the obvious stress and upset during the process.

3/ Helping people plan to achieve their goals, putting those plans in place and then seeing them come to fruition. It is also very rewarding to receive the thanks and appreciation that is often expressed by the individuals concerned.

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