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International Child-Centered Divorce Month

International Child-Centered Divorce Month


January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month

offering complimentary books, audios, coaching

and other gifts for parents coping with divorce


International Child-Centered Divorce Month is being commemorated once again in January. The entire month is devoted to alerting parents about the effects of divorce on children – and how parents can make better choices regarding their children’s well-being during and long after divorce.


Throughout January, divorce attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches, parenting experts and other professionals around the world will give helpful gifts to parents through a special website. The gifts provide advice, insights and valuable resources for coping with divorce and parenting issues., an online planning and scheduling tool for successful co-parenting, is supporting the efforts by offering parents three months of services at no cost.


More divorces are filed in January, following the holiday season, than in any other month. That’s why Rosalind Sedacca, Divorce & Parenting Coach and founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, chose January to commemorate ICCD Month each year. The goal is to educate parents about how to prevent negative consequences for children during and after separation or divorce.


One of the supporters of International Child-Centered Divorce Month is the Alternative Divorce Guide, Suzy Miller, and her team of experts on the Alternative Divorce Directory.

John Stebbing mediation eastbourne,, collaborative divorce solicitor sussex, divorce mediation Sussex, john stebbing, wendy still, stephen rimmer llp, divorce mediator east sussex, divorce mediator eastbourne,“Many more couples have international backgrounds, and in the sweet bloom of love leading to a lasting relationship the consequences of one or other of the couple not being UK nationals can be overlooked. Then when a problem arises, separation has a whole new meaninn – particularly for the children. Mediation can enable the multiple issues to be addressed by the parents practically but in a truly child focused way. Too early realisation for instance by the Immigration authorities of a breakdown in the relationship can have devastating consequences, with a parent having to leave the country in an unplanned, and distinctly child-unfriendly way. Think of the children, and mediation will be the forum where a structured plan can be carefully organised taking account of the foreign elements that have arisen.” John Stebbing, UK Mediator & Collaborative LawyerStephen Rimmer LLP


At the ICCD Month website, parents can access complimentary ebooks, coaching services, videos, audio programs and other valuable gifts by simply clicking links. The website, available throughout January, is All gifts are delivered immediately via digital download after parents enter their email address.


Parents will also find listings of no-cost teleseminars, webinars and expert interviews taking place during January on the Events Calendar at the same website:




Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller is offering access to free information on how to avoid a nasty divorce, and to create the basis for a strong co-parenting relationship.





Catherine ford, bowen technique fulham london sw“The stress and upheaval caused by couples divorcing usually has a great effect on any children involved.  The children may react in different ways, but one not uncommon manner is by the child reverting to bedwetting due to the stress and anxiety that they feel.  The Bowen Technique -or Bowen therapy as it is also called – can be very successful in dealing with this problem as well as damping down the autonomic nervous system responsible for ‘fight or flight’ response.  This allows the Bowen client to de-stress and relax.  Bowen can also help with other stress related problems in children and adults alike.”  Catherine Ford: Better With Bowen


A divorced and later remarried parent, Sedacca is the author of the internationally-acclaimed ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children – with “Parental decisions about divorce can affect and scar children – for years – and often for a lifetime.”


Sedacca says. “We want to tell divorcing parents: Regardless of your own emotional state, it is essential to put your children’s needs first when making decisions related to divorce or separation!”


emotional freedom technique hampshire, susan cowe miller, eft hampshire, eft hants, tapping hampshire, tapping and divorce, online divorce advice, how to divorce amicably, divorce PO“Children are capable of releasing negative thoughts and behaviour much quicker than adults.  Strive to do the very best you can to make the divorce journey as straight forward as possible. Help your child to avoid being a pawn in an adult world. EFT Tapping is a great healer of troubled emotions.”  Susan Cowe: EFT (Tapping) practitioner and author of ‘Survive and Thrive after Trauma


Debbie Talalay, theta healer London, theta London WC, online divorce advice, how to divorce amicably, theta healer UK,“Divorce is often taken by the child to be the child’s failure and responsibility. Keep repeating that the child is loved by both parents and that the divorce is about the parents – not the child.” Deborah Talalay: Deborah Talalay Healing


International support for children with international parents!

If there is a foreign element involved in a relationship breakdown, the children’s position can be extremely delicate, just as the parents maybe. Immigration law may apply to a parent or the child, and so it is increasingly important to take advice before action. Will it be possible for your child to be taken abroad and your rights as a parent still respected? Can the separated parent still live in the Uk, and if not how can the child still maintain a loving and beneficial relationship with both parents?

John Stebbing mediation eastbourne,, collaborative divorce solicitor sussex, divorce mediation Sussex, john stebbing, wendy still, stephen rimmer llp, divorce mediator east sussex, divorce mediator eastbourne,

“Advice from a lawyer skilled in these areas is invaluable to avoid a permanent separation from the child of the family as well as between parents. The children’s interests deserve parents prepared to work through a solution that resolves with the children’s best interests at its heart. I can provide immigration advice in these situations, as getting that advice can be a real problem for Non-EEA and EEA families.”  John Stebbing, UK Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer, Stephen Rimmer LLP


Zena_105low FB“……staying married for the sake of the children, even if the tenets of your faith expressly prohibit divorce, is not always the better alternative, especially where abuse is prevalent. Staying together in a clearly untenable environment also increases the risk of either parent blaming their children for their “sacrificial” miserable life, because they are the reason that they stayed on even through pain with gritted teeth.  Zina Arinze: Believe and Live Again 


For more information about International Child-Centered Divorce Month with access to all the gifts and special events taking place in January, visit:


For UK-relevant information contact:

Suzy Miller

07525 059 634

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