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International Child-Centered Divorce Month January 2014

International Child-Centered Divorce Month January 2014

Parents coping with divorce get free ebooks, coaching and other gifts during January 2014, International Child-Centered Divorce Month.  Let’s hope plenty of divorce support experts will share these great resources with their clients.

Throughout January, we will be commemorating the 9th International Child-Centered Divorce Month. Divorce attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches, parenting experts and other professionals around the world will be providing free gifts to parents offering advice and insights to help them best cope with divorce and parenting issues.

More divorces are initiated in January whether you are living in the UK or the USA. That’s why Rosalind Sedacca, Divorce & Parenting Coach and founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, chose January as the month dedicated to educating parents about how to prevent negative consequences for children during and after separation or divorce.

Why is it so important to help people to divorce amicably?


The costs of adversarial divorce goes far beyond the psychological damage to the children (though that’s bad enough!) – it also costs countries millions through lost revenue to companies due to the increase in employee stress-related absenteeism, benefit costs to governments due to families being plunged into poverty, costs of running overloaded family court systems, and the further increase in divorces due to children of divorced parents being more likely to end up divorced themselves.

So divorce and family breakup is a truly international issue, that requires international action to reduce the overall damage caused not by divorce itself, but by the angry and adversarial way it is often conducted.

At the special website, simply enter your name and email address. After a confirmation message, you’ll immediately receive Rosalind Sedacca’s ebook on Post-Divorce Parenting. Then click on the FREE GIFTS link. That will take you to the gift delivery page where you can access free ebooks, coaching services, videos, audio programs and more – all delivered by simply clicking links. Select a few or all – the choice is yours!

This special website will be available throughout January 2014:

Parents will also find listings of free teleseminars, workshops and other special events taking place during January on the Events Calendar.

Divorce professionals around the world will be participating, including myself – the Alternative Divorce Guide.  I will be offering a complimentary download of the Alternative Divorce Organiser, so be sure to check that out among the other gifts.

Please share this invitation with friends, colleagues and clients who may appreciate sound divorce advice and resources. Remember, this month-long commemoration ends on January 31st so be sure to visit the International Child-Centered Divorce Month website soon:  For more information about International Child-Centered Divorce Month plus access to all the free gifts and special events taking place in January visit:

Very best wishes


Suzy Miller

Alternative Divorce Guide

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