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Interactive Zone

A brand new idea for SOS Brighton!

An area of the main exhibition hall where you can watch an example of a ‘letting go’ ceremony (and even join in if you want?), feng shui your workspace, create your own vision board and take part in a letting go and starting over process involving a giant balloon!

11.20  &  14.30

Secret of starting over successfully

Following on from their short workshop in the SPICE London Zone at SOS Brighton, Rhythm of Life interfaith ministers (as seen on GMTV!) will provide and example of a ‘letting go ceremony’.

Thinking and strategies that will help you let go of any unhelpful limiting thoughts and feelings, enable you to focus on yourself and what you want in life and move forward energised and more confident.  And how to let go of what (or who) may be holding you back…..

Run by: Estelle Williams and Lucy Wintle

Interfaith Ministers and specialists in Workshop Leadership, Fulfilment Strategies, Life Navigation, Values and Spirituality.

These short  demonstrations take place in the Interactive Zone at 11.20 (following the short letting go workshop in the Spice Zone) and again at 14.30.

14.45 and 16.00




A letting go and starting over ceremony – a shared experience

Separation, divorce, losing job and bereavement are some of the most stressful things we will all have to face in our lives.

We cannot change events and we cannot change the other person involved; how they think or feel or what they do necessarily.  But we can change the way we think, feel and act.

We can alter the focus of our attention away from the other person, the person we feel has hurt us; and stop putting our energies into what we don’t want.

Instead we can start focusing on ourselves; putting our energies into what we do want for ourselves.

Find out more about this unique ceremony here……

The ceremony will begin at 14.45 and again at 16.00 in the Interactive Zone, and last for about 10 minutes, and involves a giant balloon!

Feng Shui your workspace – essential when working from home!


Want to know how to set up your new space or reinvent your current set up at home or work to maximise on comfort and opportunity?

Try some tried and tested Feng Shui tips to enhance your life and move on.  Easy to do and sustain . Powerful ways to weave a bit of magic into your life.

Rosa d’Morgan provides 15 minute talks sharing her know-how, for free, at SOS London & Brighton.  She shows how to give you the edge in creating a workspace that will make you more productive – so you can make more money!  Find out more about Rosa here……

See information board next to the Interactive Zone (in the main exhibition hall) on the day for times.

Throughout the day…..

The Interactive Zone will have the basic materials you need to make your own ‘vision board’ – have a go – it’s great fun!



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