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information for divorce and breakup, inspiration for starting over

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Anna Pasternak (Daisy Dooley Does Divorce) reveals her own `starting over’ experience

“The sense of failure was all consuming. Marriage was the first thing I had ever failed at in my life and it hit me hard. But actually, it was the making of me…..”

See other personal stories here:

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7 stages of relationship breakdown recovery

click here to download pdf:  sos-7-stages-of-relationship-breakdown-recovery-april-09

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How can a divorce be `collaborative?’  Want a simple explanation of a different approach to divorce and relationship breakup?

Listen to our podcast of an interview with a collaborative barrister

Elissa Da Costa: Barrister, Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer

sos village inspiration

Wikivorce was created by Ian Rispin, a man going through separation and divorce who couldn’t accept that divorce needed to be quite so confusing, so damn difficult, deeply painful and horribly expensive. “When I entered the wonderful world of divorce I found it to be a confusing and scary place where people spoke a goobledegook language and advice was either hard to come by or very expensive. This was a great challenge at a time when my life was in turmoil….”

Read more about Ian’s journey to create the UK’s most popular divorce forum here:

Art Psychotherapy – how can that help us cope with the trauma of relationship break down?

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Award winning storyteller Madeleine Grove is performing at the Starting Over Show

Stories speak to us in a direct way – we absorb truths, teaching, and healing effortlessly when we hear a story. That’s why the great teachers have always used them.

See how stories can heal adults going through painful emotional change…….

legal surgery

Free legal surgery at the Starting Over Show

Living hand to mouth whilst waiting for a financial settlement?

diary of a sole parent

“One minute we were having a `girl to girl’ secretive conversation in the bathroom so the boys wouldn’t hear, and the next, my 9 year old daughter was in floods of tears….”

short film: a starting over story

networking links

Wikivorce forums packed with useful advice and guidance

Other great resources for starting over


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Why make a will? Or update one due to a change of relationship status?

C.J.H. Consultancy Services can help

Starting Over Show

All the things you need to know about breaking up and starting over in one SOS

Useful Information
Honest Communication
Personal Transformation

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  1. Relationship breakdown encourages great change in peoples lives and these people have helped me harness this development in my life, and turn it into something positive.

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